Whole House Water Filter Systems

Our unique ORP Ceramic produces Molecular hydrogen, an antioxidant that combats the effects of free radicals, promotes hydration and boosts the body’s immune system and cells.
Our unique blend of media reduces water hardness and stops internal scale forming in pipework and equipment.
Our Whole House Water filters provide safe, great tasting, filtered drinking water straight from every tap in your home.
Our water feels softer, smells and tastes better. Invigorates and improves the condition of your skin and hair, while providing you with pure anti-oxidant alkaline water.

Why Choose a Pureau?

  • Ideal for Hard water areas
  • Proven to be kind to sensitive skin
  • Salt-less, chemical free softer water 
  • Reduces  spotting
  • Complex multi-stage filtration - drinking water from every tap
  • Protection suitable for all boiler systems.
  • Ideal for homes connected to a cesspit 
  • Optional H+  Hydrogenating version available

Why choose the Ecopure Pro?

  • Produces quality alkaline drinking water
  • Removes chlorine and flouride
  • Designed specifically to aid people with sensitive skin
  • Contains Ceramet which produces quality bathing water
  • Fits all water systems
  • Combats rust in soft water areas
  • Optional H+  Hydrogenating variant

Why choose Green Planet ?

  • Combination unit with excellent softening and water quality
  • Highly efficient intelligent meter dosing
  • Minimal salt consumption
  • Removes chlorine and fluoride
  • Contains Ceramet which kills bacteria, balances pH, and is good for your skin
  • Built in By-pass to enable garden watering.