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Tap Water

Should I Filter my Tap Water? Filtered tap water is better and healthier than standard tap water and bottled water. …

Health Drink

9 Immune System Benefits of Drinking Water   Water has many positive effects on your immune system, hydration and overall …

Skin Care

How to Maintain Healthy Skin and Hair Water has many positive effects on the skin and your overall health. Your …

Water Filter

Householders can experience many problems with their water’s purity and safety. The two systems of filtering and softening are different …

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O-ring set for Spectrum 717 pressure vessel

£16.13 Including Tax £13.71 Including Tax
25% off RRP

Aquatiere’s Heavy Metal ( Including Lead) Removal Cartridge

£43.67£71.14 Including Tax
£37.12£60.47 Including Tax

Ceramet purification

What Is It?