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Ceramet purification

Ceramet purification

Our specially formulated ceramet naturally kills bacteria and produces alkalised, oxidised and energised super water.

The Aquatiere Marine 2 Water Microfiltration System Replacement Cartridge and Pod

£82.95£162.75 Including Tax
£70.51£138.34 Including Tax

Marine 2 System 10   RRP £82.95

Marine 2 System 20   RRP £162.75

Replacement Cartridge for the  Aquatiere Marine 2 Water Microfiltration System

  • Quick and easy to , install and service
  • High capacity
  • Available for both Marine 2 10″ and Marine 2 20″ models
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The cartridge  is designed for the Marine 2 range of point of use applications where safe, great-tasting, quality water is required. Flow rates from 7 litres / minute up to 16 litres/minute — more than enough for a yacht kitchen or stateroom supply. This system is NSF/ANSI certified to remove cysts, chlorine and sediment.   contains our patented blend of surface-active ceramics (Ceramet) that inhibits ecoli, pseudomonas, legionella and other harmful bacteria whilst reducing heavy metals and fluoride. Our combination of a Ceramet granular ceramic bed and cutting edge carbon coated fibrous matrix create a unique, multi functional surface area with an electrolytic action which offers exceptional filtration performance.


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Ceramet purification

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