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Aquatiere Superwater Undersink Water Filter

Unlimited Filtered Water for up to 12 Months. FDA Approved. Easy under counter installation.

  • Removes chlorine and other contaminants including fluoride.
  • Fits directly to kitchen tap pipe supply with 15mm push-fit connections
  • Provides cold, PH balanced pure filtered drinking water.
  • Optional hydrogenation for added health available
  • great for caravans and boats
  • Dimensions 22cm long, 5.7cm diameter.

£38.47£38.57 Including Tax

Accessories and fittings

We sell dedicated tap kits and connections for many applications . If you are unsure as to what you need, please feel free to contact us.

Removes chorine and other contaminants including fluoride.

Fits directly to kitchen tap pipe supply with 15mm push fit connections Provides cold, PH balanced pure filtered water with optional hydrogenation for added health benefits. Great for caravans and boats.

Clean filtered tap water


With its unique blend of filtration  it produces quality filtered alkaline water.
Our premium under sink single point water filter provides great tasting, pure water with the choice of standard filtration or added molecular hydrogen with its benefits for great health and wellbeing.

Quality Alkaline water combats acidity, flushes out toxins and waste matter whilst restoring your natural electrolyte balance. The Super Water filter fits into the supply pipe to your kitchen sink or utility room cold tap and provides high quality drinking water for all your drinking and cooking needs

clean tastier drinking water
Water Filter Installation


Simple to fit (15mm push fit ends) for standard plumbing or connect to your existing 1/4″ or 3/8″ pipe feeds to your existing separate filtered water tap using a micro bore pipe reducer kit.(sold separately). Compatible with most third party  tap kits.
Lasts up to 12 months or supply 2000 litres of water before replacements.

Our optional unique ORP Ceramic produces Molecular hydrogen, giving the health advantages such as an antioxidants that combat the effects of free radicals, promotion of tissue hydration and boosts to the body’s immune system and cells. Together they will work wonders!

healthy drinking water
replacement filter cartridges

Robust high quality  housings  FDA approved

Tested by Practical boat owner magazine *

*Ceramet ™ Media



Problem                                                                                   Removes
Arsenic(trace levels often found in tap water)                  99% plus
Chlorine                                                                                    99% plus
E coli                                                                                       up to 98%
Hormones                                                                              up to 98%
Herbicides                                                                              up to 98%
Pesticides                                                                                p to 98%
THMs ECBs TMEs                                                                up to 98%
Trihalomethanes                                                                  up to 98%
Psuedomonas                                                                      up to 98%
Solvents incl. PCBs, PAHs                                                            95%
Trace Heavy Metals(on exchange)                                              99%
Lead                                                                                                 95%
Mercury                                                                                           95%
Iron                                                                                                   95%
Manganese                                                                                     95%
Fluoride                                                                                  85 to 90%
Bad Taste                                                                               up to 98%
Odours                                                                                    up to 98%
Aluminium                                                                             up to 98%
Heavy Metals                                                                        up to 98%
Copper                                                                                              95%
Benzene                                                                                             95%

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10 reviews for Super Water Undersink Water Filter

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  1. Anonymous

    Excellent product. Highly recommend if like me you cannot fit in a full water filter system.

  2. Joshua

    Product, fitting and delivery were all super simple and perfect.

  3. David B.

    Although £31.50 seems expensive I think for approx12 months of filtered water it is a small price to pay!

  4. Jack E.

    Installed easily using the pushfit system, water tastes amazing, substantial saving over a britta jug.

    Couldnt ask for more really.

    I would certainly consider one of their full house softner/filter systems in the future.

  5. Arthur O’Nion

    Moved to Scarborough in 2013 had been using this filter for a couple of years in Rotherham.Tried to adapt to North Yorks water without filter and experienced Dehli belly and other stomach gripes which soon ceased when we fitted our old friend.
    Thank you Aquatiere

  6. Gerald Napper

    Excellent product works really well !


    Very good customer service, great product ,would use again

  8. Jacqueline

    This filter is brilliant, no more bleach flavoured water and so soft. Would fully recomend.

  9. David B.

    I have used this Aquatiere filter for a number of years and it does provide chlorine etc free water which is excellent to the taste for at least twelve months. I connect mine to the kitchen cold water tap so I can compare the taste with the bathroom cold water where I do not drink so much cold water but I know it works because there is a different taste between the two. The price does seem a little high but when you consider it lasts for 12 months or more it is very economical. It is simple to install and replacing with a new one each year is quick and easy.

  10. T Robinson

    fanstastic product

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