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Super Water Cold Water Storage Tank Treatment Module.

  • Perfect for stored water gravity fed systems
  • Ideal for low pressure applications
  • Domestic and Commercial applications
  • Cleaner, safer water – legionaires desease is often caught from water in the home in the summer months
  • Stops scale forming in pipework and equipment
  • Keeps the cold water storage tank free of bio-film (algea)

£139.21£272.51 Including Tax

Many domestic homes have traditional water systems that utilise stored water to ensure ample supplies to baths and showers. The cold water storage tank supplies cold water to the bath and also feeds the hot water cylinder which in turn supplies the bath tap and shower. A Super Water cold water tank module will prevent bacterial growth and algae in your tank making it safer in the warm summer months.

Commercial applications include storage tanks for communal shower blocks and toilets such as camping sites and sports halls.


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