Spectrum Pressure Vessel PVP-BK-717 (Premier head)

RRP: £231.00

£194.72 Including Tax

  • Spectrum Pressure Vessel PVP-BK-717.
  • Premium pressure vessel with integrated distribution system and base.
  • Supplied with 3/4″ BSP male ports


  • 30% higher resin yields achieved, resulting in savings on resin and servicing costs
  • Constructed from 100% non-toxic, injection moulded, thermally welded polypropylene materials these vessels offer far superior strength and durability to alternative composite tanks
  • pressure vessel is guaranteed food safe
  • The integrated top and bottom plate distribution system eliminates the likelihood of dead zones and reduces the potential of channelling, enabling the media to be used to its full potential
  • Vessels come complete with premier head, adaptors, locking clips, O-rings and integrated distribution system
  • 7cm dia x 17cm high


  • Commercial and residential water softening
  • Glass and window washing
  • Coffee machine protection
  • Rinse water in engineering or finishing


Spectrum Pressure Vessel PVP-BK-717 filling guide


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