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Replacement cartridge for Simply Saltless Water Conditioner

  • Salt free scale prevention
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Sturdy WRAS approved Housings
  • 2 year long cartridge life
  • Simple to fit

£56.28£92.39 Including Tax

This Cartridge is for the  Simply Saltless Softener , a low maintenance water conditioning system  that stops scale formation by restructuring the hardness minerals into non scaling crystals to protect your plumbing. Designed with simplicity in mind it this low maintenance cartridge has a capacity to last up to 2 years between service. Easy to fit cartridge design .

With our system being saltless,  the water conditioned by the Simply Saltless  is safe for drinking, so you can have drinkable water from every tap without the risk to health from high sodium content in the water 

Save money on fuel bills as your heating and plumbing systems are kept free from scale build up and watch your existing systems improve their efficiency over time.

Environmentally better than a salt softener, our cartridge ensures the Simply Saltless system wastes none of the water that it conditions and adds no salt thus protecting the environment down stream from your home from any saline discharge

Available for both sizes of Simply Saltless Conditioners Simply select the model you have when ordering


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Aquatiere cartridge fitting instructions


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