Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

  • Replacement UV lamps which are compatible with the N-UV range of ultra violet sterilisers.
  • Lamps available range from 24 watts  all the way up to 39 watts

** please note these UV lamps are special order items so ensure the item is the correct product for your UV  Steriliser before ordering as we can’t accept returns on incorrectly ordered special orders.

Delivery times can be up to 10 working days  as UV lamps will be dispatched direct from manufacturer **

£65.61£74.42 Including Tax

We offer a range of replacement UV steriliser lamps & tubes for the  N-UV range . Ultraviolet light is a very effective way of killing microorganisms found in water. UV lamps are most commonly used to treat water that has come from a well, borehole or private water supply. We provide replacement lamps that will treat water for approximately 8000 hours – which commonly works out at around every 10 months or so. UV lamps may continue to shine after this period of time, but may not be treating the water which is a common misconception.


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