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Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

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Standard RRP £37.02
Hydrogenating  RRP £37.05
  • Available with Standard or Hydrogenating filtration
  • 3 Different spray patterns
  • Removes up to 99% of chlorine from bathing water, excellent eczema, and psoriasis symptom control from water treatment.
  • Easy installation: fits in seconds on standard shower hose connections.
  • Re-fillable – refill pack kits sold separately.  Lasts for up to 9 months

£32.97£32.99 Including Tax

Aqua Cartridges

Replacement Cartridges & Refills

Replacement cartridges and refills for home or commercial systems. We provide cartridges & refills for the Ecopure and Pureau range including shower filter cartridges, drinking water cartridges and no scale refills. If you are unsure as to which cartridge you need, please feel free to contact us.

The Multi-Function Refillable Shower Head – This range of showers offer both multi-function use and styling to meet the requirements of any modern bathroom.

  • Sturdy design with 3 spraying patterns that includes rainfall, massage, mix rainfall-massage and the shower head features a switch button to change the spray
  • Easy-clean spray plate, featuring rub clean nozzles
  • Instant Clean technology: A simple wipe of the TRP soft rub nozzles with a finger to remove the lime or sediment
  • Compatible with all 1/2″ B.S.P. threaded fittings
  • Tool-free installation ; Fits all standard shower flexible pipes
  • Chrome finish

Please check your shower system has reasonable water pressure, some gravity fed systems produce very low water pressure and will affect spray performance.

Shower Head Filter Features

The Aquatiere H+ AdvantageOptional Hydrogenation for health
Invigorating Hydrogenated enhanced shower for great skin and hair and general well being.
Removes chlorineRemoves chlorine
Chlorine in a shower can cause brittle hair, dandruff, dry skin, and red irritated eyes. Medical studies also suggest that chlorine can agitate pre-existing eczema or asthma.
Proven to help eczema and psoriosisExcellent help for eczema, psoriasis and other skin condition sufferers
Thousands of people now use our filters to control the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Visit our blog to read our happy customers comments.
Kills bacteria (including Staphloccocus aureus)Kills bacteria (including Staphyloccocus aureus)
Eczema flare-ups are created by a common bacteria which enters the top layer of the skin. Ceramet the media within our shower filters kills this bacteria.
Reduces ScaleControls Scale
Ceramet’s active surface ionizes the water, reducing surface tension and the effects of hard water on bathers.
Extends hair colour lifeExtends hair colour life
Chlorine strips the colour from hair. Our shower filters remove 99.9% of chlorine from the water making it kinder on your hair increasing the colour life, softness and shine.
Simple to replace ceramet granulesSimple to replace ceramet granules
By removing the stainless steel sealing mesh thimble, the ceramet granules are easily replaced. Lasts for up to 9 months.

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: plastic, chrome  finish
  • Multi function shower head: (Rain, Massage & Mix Rainfall-Massage).Easy clean 7.5cm spray face
  • Dimensions: D31mm W84mm H225mm
  • RefillableRefill pouch lasts up to 9-months (Dependant on water usage & supply quality)
  • Fitment: Standard  thread for shower hose connection

Chrome shower handset fitting instructions

We can help you to choose: 0333 987 4690

8 reviews for Refillable Chrome Shower Head Filter Handset (Multi-Function)

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Based on 6 reviews
  1. Louise Moore

    Great shower head and the water is so much softer and and less harsh on my skin. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous

    It seems to help my eczema but it does unfortunately restrict the flow quite considerably which is a shame.

  3. Oliver Bloom

    Great product!

  4. MONICA Q.

    Absolutely lovely shower head!! Clean water and makes a difference to your skin and when using products.
    Thank you Aquatiere.

  5. Anonymous

    I believe there is an improvement in the shower water when using the handset.

  6. Anonymous

    I used the Ceramet filtration before, and was satisfied with it. The older cartridges were discontinued, however, so I had to discard the old showerhead and ordered this new model, which I received promptly. Sadly, the product did not appear to be ‘sealed’ in any way: it just came out of the envelope, admittedly looking new (and hopefully unused). Seems to work well, and I welcome the idea of replacing only the filtration medium, however the presentation | packaging certainly needs improvement.

  7. Sarah

    Hello, just to let you know the new shower head has arrived and is working perfectly. Many thanks for your prompt attention.

  8. Alisa Winton

    Awesome shower head, decent pressure.

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