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1-2 Bathroom Homes


The Best Whole-House, Saltless Water Softener and Water Filter on the Market Today!

  • Filters while it softens – scale control in the hardest water areas.
  • Advanced water filtration; adding Magnesium and Hydrogen to boost health.
  • Simple to fit – minimal plumbing experience needed.

More Economical & Better for the Environment:

  • No salt is required.
  • No discharge to drain.
  • Recyclable – reusable components.
  • No water wastage and no power required.
  • Saves energy – our water boils quicker (ceramics reduce the surface tension of the water).
  • Zero pollution – environmentally friendly.


  • Appliances are more efficient and protected from damaging scale build-up.
  • Cartridge-based – quick and simple to change.
  • Constant protection for your family and your home.
  • 3-year parts guarantee.*

Low Costs!

  • The average daily cost is 19p per day.
  • Reduced plumbing costs when fitting as no drain or electrics are required.
  • Costs less to run than a traditional water softener and whole-house filter system.

£546.62 Including Tax

Filters while it softens!

Filters while it softens!

Uses an advanced water filtration.

Uses an advanced water filtration.

Adds Magnesium and Hydrogen to boost health.

Adds Magnesium and Hydrogen to boost health.

Is simple to fit.

Is simple to fit.

Requires no salt!

Requires no salt!

Quick change filter cartridges

Much more economical than regular Water Softeners!

Much more economical than regular Water Softeners!

Better for the environment!

Why Should we all be drinking Hydrogen Water?

  • Improves energy levels.
  • Faster recovery times after workouts.
  • Boost your bodies natural resistance to illness.
  • Promotes healthier skin and younger move vibrant appearance.
  • Great for those who suffer from Eczema Psoriasis

Great Value & Great Results

  •   Costs less than a salt Softener AND filters water
  •   Robust, guaranteed high-quality housing and fittings
  •   FREE delivery (mainland UK)
  •   No storing and dosing with salt

Healthier & Versatile:

  • Suitable for Drinking, Cooking, Bathing and Showering.
  • Suitable for Most Water Systems – gravity fed, pressurised water systems, combination boilers, private water supplies, council mains supplies.

No More Hard Water:

  • Combats the Effects of Hard water. 
  • Actively Prevents the Formation of Scale in Your Home.

Approved & Tested by:

  • Practical boat owner magazine *

       *Ceramet ™ Media.

Removes Chemicals. Prevents Scale. Saltless Softening.

Our unique blend of media reduces water hardness and stops internal scale forming in pipework and equipment.

Filters while it Softens

The Pureau system uses ion exchange resins to remove  up to 90% of hardness forming minerals for noticeably softer and purer water.

Tastier. Healthier.

Our water feels softer, smells and tastes better. Invigorates and improves the condition of your skin and hair, while providing you with pure anti-oxidant alkaline water.

The H + Advantage

Our unique ORP Ceramic produces Molecular hydrogen,  an antioxidant that combats the effects of free radicals,  promotes hydration and boosts the body’s immune system and cells.

No Salt, No Wastage

No salt is required to achieve softer  water and no water is wasted in the process.

Most Water Systems

Aquatiere’s Pureau range is suitable for homes with gravity fed or pressurised water systems or combination boilers. It is also suitable for private water supplies and council mains water supplies.

Buying Directly from us, the Manufacturers, means

Great Savings & Proper Advice for you!

ENHANCED WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTRATION AND SOFTENING filters levels of compounds including chlorine and heavy metals, designed to reduce the taste & odour of the water. This filter also contains antibacterial filter media to help inhibit bacterial growth within the filter and to allow for long life filter changes.

PRODUCES MOLECULAR HYDROGEN which is proven to help with health and well being producing antioxidant enriched water which stimulates your immune system and boosts your metabolism.

SALT FREE WATER SOFTENING (Uses Traditional ION Exchange Resins in cartridge form for easy replacement)- prevents future scale build-up and de-scale existing pipe work and appliances. Supplied with 3/4″ BSP threaded fittings attached, simply wall mount the system and connect in-line with your cold mains water pipe (installation recommended by a plumber)

FEATURES -ALL SYSTEMS:Full Bore fittings for minimal reduction in water pressure, designed to work in homes with appliances sensitive to pressure including cold feed electric showers , pressurised systems & Combi Boilers. 3 Year Guarantee on system parts and fixings *excludes filter cartridge – to be replaced as required*


  •  Carbon water filter cartridge (in housing 1)           – 12 MONTHS.
  •  Ceramics scale prevention cartridge (in housing-2)   – 3 YEARS.
  •  ION resin cartridge (in housing-3)                   – every 3 MONTHS.

How Our Cartridge Replacement Works

How Our Cartridge Replacement Works

6 Simple Step Process

Quick and easy to install, No power required

Plan before you buy.
You order
your Aquatiere filter.
We deliver (normally 2 working days).
Call your plumber
to install unit.
Fill in your
guarantee form.
We email reminders to replace your cartridges.



Maintenance is Simple

The system is cartridge-based and we will send you email reminders

Left Housing (1) Carbon pre-filter cartridge Lasts 1 year
Middle Housing (2) Patented Ceramet water treatment media cartridge Lasts 3 years
Right Housing (3) Ion Exchange cartridge Lasts 3 months
Pureau Saltless Water Softener and Drinking Water Filter Systems

How the Cartridges Improve Your Water

Left Housing Carbon pre-filter cartridge 

With an efficient high flow, combined carbon fibre and hard carbon outer shell, this filter stops:
  • stops sediment ingress,
  • removes chlorine, Pesticides, organic contaminants, heavy metals, VOC’s and
  • greatly improves taste!

Middle Housing Ceramet Cartridge

Aquatiere’s patented blend of active ceramic granules and scale prevention media for filtering and the softening. Ceramet media:
  • is 99% effective at stopping the formation of hard scale in pipework and equipment by forming tiny bubbles of pre formed scale,
  • will descale existing water systems over time,
  • kills bacteria such as E coli, Salmonella and staphylococcus aureus (which is known to aggravate eczema),
  • removes fluoride and trace heavy metals and
  • balances the pH of the water and because the surface of the beads are active, produces far infrared energy to vitalise your body.

Right Housing Ion Exchange Cartridge

Contains premium, high capacity ion exchange resins:
  • which remove up to 90% of the calcium and magnesium bubbles left in the water to ensure spotting of chrome and other fixtures is reduced,
  • while retaining enough essential minerals in the water to ensure its great taste and quality for drinking.


Model Specification

PUREAU 1 & 1H+

OPTIMUM FLOW RATE: 20 Litres per minute. Suitable for 1 bathroom homes where flow rates will not regularly exceed 20 litres/minute .

DIMENSIONS: H 428/ W 504/ D 150 (mm).


OPTIMUM FLOW RATE: 40 Litres per minute. Suitable for 2 bathroom homes where flow rates will not regularly exceed 40 litres/minute .

DIMENSIONS: H 470/ W 585/ D 215 (mm).


OPTIMUM FLOW RATE: 80 Litres per minute. Suitable for 3-4 bathroom homes where flow rates will not regularly exceed 80 litres/minute .

DIMENSIONS: H 700/ W 690/ D 215 (mm).

*NOTE*:  For larger properties with 5 – 8  bathrooms a duplex system ( 2 x Pureau 3 size models  in parrallel will be required )



Performance (Guide) 98% Chlorine 98% Chloramines 85% Fluoride 99% E Coli 99% Herbicides 99% Pesticides 99% THMs ECBs TMEs 99% Trihalomethanes 98% Pseudomonas 98% Solvents incl PCBs PAHs 95% Benzene 99% Sediment Trace Heavy Metals Aluminium Trace Arsenic (trace levels often found in tap water) Lead Trace Bad Tastes Odours

Our Carbon they remove a wide range of different contaminants, including steroid estrogens and many estrogenic substances like trihalomethanes.

The difference between Salt softening and saltless conditioning 


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Plan, Prepare then BUY

It is advisable that a survey is made of the planned location for suitability by the prospective installers for quotation so that the project can be planned and priced up prior to any purchase, this will also identify any extra plumbing materials needed for installation and /or modifications to achieve the project which the plumber can then arrange beforehand.

This will help the plumber on the day of the installation to be prepared, saving any further trips to a merchant for bits and saving on labour charges . All dimensions we show are for guide purposes. So allow some tolerances.