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 ION (CATION)  Exchange Resin filter cartridge  (2.5×10) Fits :

  • Pureau 1 & 2 including H+ models
  • No Scale  ION models
  •  2.5X10 Standard filter housing
  • Filled with high quality food grade cation exchange resin
  • Simple to fit.


£32.18 Including Tax

Product Features

Contains Ceramet Contains high quality food grade cation exchange resin
Provides the final ION exchange treatment for  Pureau 1 and 2 including H+ systems and No Scale ION systems
 Replacement cartridge Replacement cartridge  filter #3 (2.5×10) for Pureau 1 and 2 including H+ systems, and No Scale  ION systems
Simple to replace our cartridge lasts for up to 2-3 months.
 Anti-oxidant Alkali water Softer Water
The cartridge enhances the softening process by minimising crystalline drop out and gives the water a slippery feel
 No plumbing required Easy Installation
Our filter systems are designed for easy cartridge exchange by simple isolation of the water supply to the filter and unscrewing the filter housing sump.
 Drinking Quality Water Drinking Quality Water
Our cartridges uses high quality approved food grade exchange resin to produce quality drinking water.

Technical Specs

White ABS housing Cation exchange resin
(Length) 250mm
(diameter) 75mm
Product life:
2-3 Months
2.5 X 10 ION exchange filter cartridge for

  • Pureau 1and2 including H+ system
  • No Scale ION systems


cartridge fitting guide 


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