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Premium Refillable Hydrogenating Shower Filter

RRP: £99.00

£89.95 Including Tax

Aquatiere’s premium Universal refillable shower filter. Superbly manufactured with high grade chromium finish to suit even the highest quality showers. Fits most showers including fixed shower heads. Large media volume for longer life. Easy to empty and refill – just unscrew the top.


Captivating design for healthy hair and skin!

Our Metal chromed Shower Filter  not only looks good in the bath, but also reduces chlorine, chlorine derivatives and bacteria.

Comparing plastic shower filters to our Premium Shower Filter, this latest product has a modern, clean appearance and harmonises with any kind of carefully designed bathrooms  and gently blends in with the environment.


  • Made in Metal with high quality Chromium finish
  • The filter can be easily connected to most shower connections and shower panels
  • Significantly decreases the amount of chlorine and bacteria in your shower water, making the water safer and gentler for everyday use.
  • Environment friendly refilling, which means; you do not need to change the filter, just refill the shower filter.
  • Made by EU standards which will provide you with a simple, effective way to improve your shower experience and skin condition such as eczema


  • Reduces the development of skin problems.  Prevents skin dryness, aging, peeling, itching, thereby ensuring a healthy, resilient skin.
  • Hydrogenated water
  • Better absorption of skin nourishing natural cosmetics and shampoos etc.
  • Reduces harmful chlorine – Enhances pH balance – Eliminates absorption of harsh chemicals
  • Helps prevent soap scum build-up – Promotes better health, skin and hair

Results of Using a Shower Filter System:

  • Softer skin and hair
  • Reduced skin problems such as eczema
  • Increased skin moisture

1 review for Premium Refillable Hydrogenating Shower Filter

  1. Lisa Smith

    I love this attachment. Fits perfectly with our shower!

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