Aquatiere’s Boat Master Combined Water Filtration and Scale control system

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  • Scale control and drinking water filtration in one system
  • Conditions water for improved bathing and washing
  • Stops saline water from corroding pumps and equipment
  • Removes chemicals and  bacteria from the water
  • Chlorine free great tasting water
  • Stops unpleasant taste and smell
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Replacement cartridges and refills for home or commercial systems. We provide cartridges & refills for the Ecopure and Pureau range including shower filter cartridges, drinking water cartridges and no scale refills. If you are unsure as to which cartridge you need, please feel free to contact us.

Problem Removes
Chlorine 99% plus
E coli up to 98%
Hormones up to 98%
Herbicides up to 99%
Pesticides up to 99%
THMs ECBs TMEs up to 99%
Trihalomethanes up to 98%
Psuedomonas up to 98%
Solvents incl PCBs, PAHs 95%
Trace Heavy Metals (on exchange) 99%
Lead 95%
Mercury 95%
Iron 95%
Manganese 95%
Fluoride 85 to 90%
Bad Taste up to 98%
Odours up to 98%
Aluminium up to 98%
Heavy metals up to 98%
Copper 95%
Benzene 95%

Height:     440mm

Width:      690mm

Depth:      215mm


Aquatiere’s Boat Master filter ensures that all water used on board is fit for purpose. We use a 5 stage process through 3 filter chambers to filter the water and condition it for scale control providing filtered non scaling water throughout the galley heads basins and showers.

Because water supplies can be  affected by contamination from many sources our filtration is designed to be comprehensive in its protection , ensuring your water is mineral balanced, safe , healthy and refreshingly great tasting.

The system uses our advanced  conditioning cycle for scale control without the need for salt,  protecting the pumps and appliances on your boat and improving your showering experience with better hair and a softer feel to the skin without the irritation

Water taken from pontoon tanks can be of varying quality and often desalinated.

Many water supplies are mains  fed, which  in many countries each with differing authority standards and regulations  for water quality, have no cross border consistency over safe levels  for compounds that can enter the water supply chain, or measures for bacterial control  leading to  potential contamination risks.

Local Geology also dictates the waters mineral content, so balancing the pH and mineral content is required to improve the water.

The good news is  Aquatiere’s Boat Master will have you covered.

It is compact and requires little maintenance in usual conditions. No need for salt storage our cartridge based system means its clean and easy to service . 

Flow rates of up to 80 litres per minute are available depending on the model, Installation plumbing is simple, designed to be placed after the tank and pump with  no electrics or drainage required , just a simple water feed inlet pipe and outlet  supply to the  boat facilities .

With all this contaminant removal and scale control it leaves you free to enjoy the more important features of the boat 


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  1. Peter Mc Bride

    I needed a water filter on my boat as we tend to fill the tanks from the marina supply. The new filter does improve the water taste and we have noticed less water marks.

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