H2GO Universal Hydrogenating Drinking Water Flask

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  • Universal – Light weight stylish design
  • Hydrogenating water treatment capsule – refillable (lasts for 12 months)
  • Use as a fruit infuser or Health powder shaker
  • Easy to carry
  • Smart hygiene cap
  • BPA free Tritan virtually unbreakable
  • Hydrogenated water is great for individuals who keep fit or for people with common disorders such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Our unique drinking water flask can be be used in a variety of ways. 

It makes a great flask for carrying your water.
It can be used as a health powder shaker. 
It can be used as a fruit infuser. 

It can also be used as a filter, producing great tasting, pH balanced, hydrogenated water with you to the gym or on your run.  Feel the benefits of hydrogen enriched water improve your
goals and restrict the effects of muscle fatigue and tissue inflammation.

H2GO uses our special Hydrogen enrichment media along with our  Ceramet water treatment media in a capsule within the bottle to give you great quality water wherever you are 

Simply add tap water or bottled water to the bottle and wait a few minutes.
The media is quick acting giving you great hydrogen enriched water when you need it.

We can help you to choose: 0333 987 4690

7 reviews for H2GO Universal Hydrogenating Drinking Water Flask

  1. Peter Howe (store manager)

    Great flask. I like to run and cycle. I would never be without it!

  2. Nigela Phillips (store manager)

    Wonderful! It’s great being able to take clean great tasting water with me, wherever I go!

  3. Karen White (store manager)

    Perfect flask for at the gym. Love knowing I am being healthy in every way,

  4. Rob Fields (store manager)

    I bought this flask to take to the gym with me. I fill it with bottled mineral water because I dont like tap water. The hydrogen water tastes great and I believe it is doing me good – time will tell

  5. Millie Westl (store manager)

    Really sturdy flask and the water tastes great!

  6. Adrienne Pitman (verified owner)

    We noticed the difference right away. Will def. re-order.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s great to be able to carry filtered water on the go with this Hydrogenating Drinking Water Flask

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