Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

  • Supplied with quick release male hose connections
  • Gives  home gardeners treated water which is purer,  chlorine free, and pH balanced
  • Ideal for Aquatics and delicate plants
  • Great for pets and summer time pool activities
  • Effectively removes up to 99% of chlorine from garden hose water.

£37.18 Including Tax


Garden hose filter instructions

We are pleased to enclose our garden hose Filter and wish to thank you for your purchase. Plants and lawns thrive on Superwater. It is ideal for lawn sprinklers as it stops scale build up. Ceramet – the media contained within our filters have some very important benefits. It naturally restructures the water to help with plant and lawn growth. You can even top up your fish pond with Superwater – fish love it!

Simply connect the filter to your garden hose using hose-lock connections

26 reviews for Garden Hose Water Filter

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Based on 26 reviews
  1. Lisa George

    Can confidently confirm the Aquatiere filter is essential for filtering out all that nasties found in municipal water supply. As a producer of Indigo pigment, have used Aquatiere filters for three years, in the production cycle with incredible results. To any others embarking on the natural dyes production even small scale, this filter is an absolute must.

  2. Lisa G.

    Love your filters! Very pleased to find them in stock. Aquatiere hose filters, work extremely well creating the purest
    water. We use these on all our hoses, to fill the soak tanks for plant material, from which we make indigo pigment,.
    De chlorination is paramount for this purpose. By contrast chlorinated water really destroys the colour of the
    pigment adding a grey scale we really don’t want. So Big Thank you for providing excellent filters! This is our third
    year purchasing ( previously from Amazon) Looking forward to taking delivery.

  3. Arthur Anderson

    Excellent produce, quick delivery

  4. Stephen Evans

    Excellent product & service

  5. Jackie O’Galligan

    Its the 4th time I have purchased the chlorine filter from you, I use them in the garden / pond and for my horses water. Great product and service. Highly recommend.

  6. Jonathan

    Ordered when it was out of stock but since I’ve had the filter I have used to fill my hot tub and water the plants. Its made a big difference to the hot tub since then. Great product.

  7. Anonymous

    Haven’t tried it yet, finished setting it up waiting for a day without rain so I can try it Will update my review accordingly

  8. T R.

    Now very expensive

  9. delboy doidge

    This is a great filter, I use it when watering my Bonsai trees. No more white residue on the leaves. Highly recommended

  10. Anonymous

    These little devices are great. It was so easy to fit to my existing hose pipe and now i can water my veggie garden with clean fresh water when the butts run dry.

  11. John B.

    Does the job, hope it lasts

  12. Nicholas

    Prompt receipt of delivery, filter ready to attach – you will likely need extra hose connectors though.

  13. Radka

    Great for the garden. Last year, my plants were very large and produced extremely well. This year, I have bought more filters, to set up an automatic watering system. Great value for what it does. As I do biological no-dig gardening, it’s extremely important for me not to kill the good bacteria that I have worked so hard to multiply within the soil. These filters give me just that.

  14. Stephen Evans

    Great product. Great service

  15. Debbie C.

    Great product and flowers did well over the summer

  16. Derek Robinson

    So far so good although I’ve only just started using it on my bonsai trees. Will know better next year. Excited to get the results. I am running a comparison watering 2 similar trees one with one without.

  17. Arthur Anderson

    Good piece of kit easy to fit no problem

  18. Stephen Evans

    I needed the water filter before going on holiday. Your quick response & delivery was much appreciated.

  19. Oliver Bloom

    Easy to fit, quick delivery.

  20. Pat

    Was deliverd so quickly. Now a permanent fixture on my hose . Thanks

  21. Nik R.

    Works as described, great for filling the hot tub

  22. Anonymous

    Excellent service, fast and efficient. Product works very well

  23. Christine B.

    Great Little Gadget. This is my second one. I replaced the one I bought this time last year. When the old one was removed it weighed at least three times as much as the new one, proving that it was doing what it said on the tin. My plants benefit from the fresh water and it saves buying and dragging home large bottles of water from the shops for consumption. Delivery was excellent as was communication. I’m buying another next year. Would highly recommend.

    Image #1 from Christine B.
  24. Ken

    Excellent service and product My fish love the filtered water

    Image #1 from Ken
  25. Arthur A.

    Used as a pond filter, replacement, does the job

  26. Ella Laws

    really nice, can’t wait to use it for the paddling pool in summer!

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