Farquharson’s Water for Whisky

Water for Whisky

The Water Whisky Deserves

As sampled at the Whisky Show London 2018

  • Heavy base flint glass 5ml bottle. 
  • Size approx. 9cm x 5cm. 
  • The perfect size for a few drams!

£4.00 Including Tax

The perfect size for a few drams!


Our water is sourced from an ancient highland complex spring developed by Laird Francis Farquharson in the 1700’s.


Farquharson’s Water for Whisky releases important flavour molecules such as vanilla and citrus oils, improving the taste.


Perfect for the whisky connoisseur who wishes to enhance their liquid gold without compromising on the flavour.


Even just a few drops of water, when added to whisky, opens up its inherent complexity,
unleashing the aromas, exciting flavour molecules and opening the nose up to every scent.

As the Scottish entertainer Chic Murray stated:
“There are only 2 rules for drinking whisky. First never take whisky without water. Second, never take water without whisky.”

Now, with Farquharson’s Water for Whisky, it is possible for whisky lovers to enjoy the very best from their whisky
by complementing it specially-curated highland sourced waters.


But we must not forget the taste!

The resulting temperature increase and drop in alcohol strength create a cooling effect on the tongue, making us experience fruity and salty tastes over sweet and spicy.

At Farquharson’s Water we choose only the finest highland sourced water, purify it to pharmaceutical standards, blend and revitalise it adding trace essential minerals. Our unique water has less than 2.5mg/ltr of calcium and 4mg/ltr of sodium, minerals that most adversely affect the taste of quality whisky.


Highland sourced water blended, ultra-purified, de-ionised and revitalised with choice essential minerals.

Many historical figures have waxed poetic over whiskey. For instance, playwright George Bernard Shaw opined that "whisky is liquid sunshine," while author Mark Twain thought "too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough."

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