Ecopure SWS Combo – Whole House Saltless Water Conditioning and Filtration System


  • COMBINED WATER CONDITIONER AND WATER FILTER. Scale prevention and drinking water from every tap.
  • CONSTRUCTED USING HIGH SPECIFICATION COMPONENTS which are WRAS and NSF approved. Best in its class at affordable prices. 5-year guarentee on parts *.
  • DELIVERS EFFECTIVE SALTLESS WATER SOFTENING by cutting edge ion exchange /crystallisation (conditioning ). Hard minerals are conditioned by structuring into crystalline form around carbon dioxide molecules, which remain suspended in the water as they flow through the plumbing. Scale can’t bond to the plumbing surfaces as the ionic bonding links are tied up in the crystalline structure. This enables the water to behave like softened water with benefits to washing, bathing, and laundry.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE easy change cartridge system
  • HIGH FLOW CAPABILITY. Available in 40 litre/min or 80 litre/min 
Aqua Cartridges

Replacement Cartridges & Refills

Replacement cartridges and refills for home or commercial systems. We provide cartridges & refills for the Ecopure and Pureau range including shower filter cartridges, drinking water cartridges and no scale refills. If you are unsure as to which cartridge you need, please feel free to contact us.

Ecopure SWS3 Combo- saltless water softening and whole house filtration by Aquatiere for 3-4 bathroom homes

The Ecopure SWS3 Combo is a 2 in 1 system that creates pure, softer water for drinking, cooking and bathing. It is designed to combat the effects of hard water and actively prevents the formation of scale.


  • Delivers effective saltless water softening by cutting edge ion exchange / crystallisation.
  • Prevents Scale formation,Removes 99% of chlorine and other contaminants.
  • .Filtered water from every tap
  • Easy to maintain cartridge design
hydrogen water
  • Costs less than a salt Softener to run and filters.It is the best in class alternative to a salt-based softener.
  • Uses Pentair’s premium high quality housings , cartridges and fittings.
  • Salt-Free. No storing and dosing with salt.
  • Quick and easy to install, No power required. Great tasting, chlorine free, softer conditioned water.
  • Softens & Prevents Scale Our unique blend of media reduces water hardness and stops internal scale forming in pipework and equipment.
  • Tastier. Healthier. Our water feels softer, smells and tastes better. Invigorates and improves the condition of your skin and hair
  • Most Water Systems: Ecopure SWS range is suitable for homes with gravity fed or pressurised water systems or combination boilers. It is also suitable for private water supplies and council mains water supplies.
  • No Salt, No Wastage: No salt is required to achieve softer water and no water is wasted in the process.
  • Filters while it Softens: The Ecopure SWS system uses ion exchange resins to remove up to 90% of hardness forming minerals for noticeably softer and purer water.


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