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Drinking Water Tap Kit for Aquatiere’s Super Water Filter

£74.50 Including Tax £63.33 Including Tax

Drinking Water  Tap Kit for Super Water Filter 

Easy DIY fitting to connect to existing pipework

Adds a separate tap in the kitchen for filtered drinking water

Simple stylish design


Drinking Water Fitting kit for the Super Water Filter comprises

Plastic C Clip for mounting a Super Water filter
Long Reach Tap with 3″ Stud – Chrome
Saddle Valve with 1 meter 1/4″ OD Tube Attached
1 meter LLDPE Tubing – 1/4″ OD
Reducing microbore Straight push fit Connector 3/8″ PF x 1/4″ PF
Stem reducer  15mm stem -3/8″ stem


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