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  • Dosaplus7 Dosing Pot Refill Pack (200g)
  • (Contains Polyphosphate Crystals) 
  • For Aquatiere NS Supreme Water Treatment Systems with a Dosaplus filter
  • Supersedes powder & cartridge refills to give longer intervals between replenishment.

£21.74 Including Tax

Polyphosphates have many uses in the treatment of potable (drinking) water. They are used to prevent “red” (from iron) and “black” (from manganese) water; to prevent and/or retard scale formation (from minerals depositing) and corrosion (from low pH and/or dissimilar metals) in the water distribution system; and to reduce soluble lead and copper in potable water delivered to the consumer’s tap. Using their properties of Sequestration, threshold ability , Deflocculation, Chlorine Stability , and Hydrolytic Stability they are widely regarded as a safe and effective treatment for potable water

Product Features

Anti-oxidant Alkali water Potable water treatment

Using their properties of sequestration, threshold ability , deflocculation, chlorine stability , and hydrolytic stability they are widely regarded as a safe and effective treatment for potable water

bleed valve Suitable for our Dosaplus-7 filter incorporated on the No Scale Supreme range
Upgraded delivery performance these crystals enhance the effective treatment from the Dosaplus 7
 Replacement cartridge Easy to  use refill pack 
Simple to replace, our crystals supersede the powder and cartridge forms to give longer service intervals .


Technical Specs

Polyphosphate crystal (slow release)
Product life:
6-12 months (Guide)
Replacement refill pack 200g


Refill Instructions

For use where a Dosaplus 7 delivery system was fitted – average refill lasts up to 6 months 

Link to Refill Instructions

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  1. Malcolm Rushton

    Excellent service, always ready to help if needed

  2. Peter S.

    Always easy to deal with.

  3. Malcolm Rushton

    Just to replace existing ones, and service

  4. Malcolm R.

    Good Service, was a little disappointed not to receive 30% discount. Thought it applied to all products

  5. Ewen

    First class service arrived on time

  6. Keith

    As above

  7. Paul Griffin

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