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Carbon Block Cartridge (4.5″x20″) 1 year lifespan


  • Ecopure PRO4 and PRO4H+ range of filters in the pre filter.
  • Big Blue 4.5×20″ filter housing
  • Ecopure SWS-3 post filter


£61.91 Including Tax

  • Activated carbon block cartridge to suit 4.5×20 big blue vessels,
  • Filters by particulate capture and absorption
  • Chlorine, Chloramine, Herbicides, Solvents, Dyes, Volatile Organic compounds
  • 1 year life span dependent on the quality of water

1 review for Carbon Block Cartridge (4.5X20) 1 year lifespan (fits Ecopure PRO4 Pre-filter)

  1. Pete

    easy to change out and great service when i called to check which one i needed

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