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RRP £20.34
  • Long Reach Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket 3mm thick for 2.5″ x 10″ Filter Housing (universal mounting hole fitment )
  • Ideal for Pureau 2 and No Scale fitments
  • Fixing screws included (***check your vessel for size***)
  • Bracket Size: L-152mm x W-76mm x H-48mm
  • Aligns a 2.5 x 10 housing with a Big Blue vessel for easy port connections (unique to Aquatiere )
  • vessel is an extra 36mm away from the wall when mounted

£17.29 Including Tax

Please note the bracket is a universal fit but the screws required will vary according to vessel type .

there are 2 types of 2.5X10 size vessel , the standard or the slimline .

If the wrong screws are used on either vessel it could result in damage to the vessel .

It is your responsibility to check before ordering .

Use the vessel pictures and measurements of hole centres listed as a guide to help choose the correct product

STANDARD mounting hole point dimensions of 5.6cm wide x 5.8cm deep

SLIMLINE   mounting hole fitment 4cm wide , 3cm deep


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