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Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

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£27.92 Including Tax

Fridge Filter –water storage containers are now found in many refrigerators.  Tap water may contain chlorine, chloramine, fluoride of even nitrates.  

Our Aquatiere Fridge-Water submersible filter is simply placed in the container where it removes the unwanted contaminants – ensuring tasty safe water comes from the fridge dispenser every time!

UK tap water is delivered to your point of use (tap) via a network of underground pipes.  These pipes are often corroded and sometimes damaged by ground movement.  The water treatment plant that delivers the water has a duty to control bacteria that might be present in the water both in the treatment plant and as it continues its journey to your tap.  The original treatment was to add chlorine but as we move into the 21st century water treatment has had to change to cope with a multitude of bacterias and other contaminants in the water.  

Taps Water

Chloramine is a recent development.  It consists of chlorine and ammonia and is produced in the water treatment plant.  Unlike chlorine, chloramine does not evaporate from the water making it more suitable for the long journey to your home.  Chloramines deal with bacteria such as E Coli which is common in ground run off water amongst other bacteria that can cause illness.  Chloramine is known to be fatal in large doses and strong evidence shows it to be carcinogenic like chlorine.


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