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Whatever your mode of camping keeping stored  water fresh for drinking has always been an issue during your vacation. 

Issues such as bacterial growth, taste and odours that taint the water have long been a problem when camping, causing regular visits to a camp water station to draw fresh water**. 

**Note this product is  not a filter solution for water drawn from any site water station marked “not suitable for drinking “

Aquatiere have developed a  filter which uses our Ceramet technology to prevent bacterial growth and improve taste and odour and remove contaminants such as chlorine and chloramine. 

Using the Aquatiere’s Aquarius Camper Filter will stop water  wastage from frequent water changing as it stays fresher longer and is more palatable and safe to drink reducing the need to buy expensive  bottled water .

The filter is a simple drop in cartridge that rests submerged in the water storage tank up to 100 litres in volume, no plumbing required.

This cartridge should last a full season of touring 

NOTE  this filter is not designed to store water for long periods over a month between vacations   


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