Aquatiere Ultrafiltration System

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  • Protects against bacteria, viruses and plastic particles
  • Removes chlorine and other chemicals
  • Real alternative to Ultra Violet treatment for wells or bore holes
  • No need for electrics
  • no risk of lamp failure
  • works on low pressure water supplies
  • washable cartridges
  • Improves taste and odour
  • Up to 2 year long lifespan
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The Aquatiere Ultrafilter utilises state of the art UF filters in combination with a carbon block pre filter to produce safe, bacteria free water from a well or other ground water source.

Our UF SERIES cartridges are designed for ultrafiltration of water via hollow fibres.
Ultrafiltration is a filtration process which allows undesired substances present in water, even very small particles, to be separated.
The pores of the membrane are so small that bacteria and even viruses are too large to cross it.
The micropores present on the surface of the hollow-fibre membrane, with a diameter of 0.1 microns, retain all impurities above that diameter.
Viruses, bacteria, lumps, solid particles and turbidity (as long as they are larger than this size) are therefore trapped on the exterior of the hollow fibre, while dissolved salts and essential elements at a molecular level, which are essential for human health, pass through and flow into the system.
These UF cartridges are designed for “outside” to “inside” operation, with a multitude of small tubes, or fibres.
During the passage of the solution to be filtered, dirt is collected in the outer part of the hollow fibres, while the filtered liquid flows into the inner part and on into the system.
By periodically reversing the water flow, it is possible to backwash the fibres and partially restore the flow rate of the cartridge.
To maximise its lifespan, the Ultrafilter cartridge is protected with the carbon pre-filter which captures the larger particulates thus allowing the UF to concentrate in capturing the finer grades of particulates down to 0.1 micron without prematurely clogging.

For areas where hard water is also an issue the system can combine with our No Scale XF range of systems to prevent scale formation in the plumbing by conditioning the water , this not only protects the plumbing equipment within the property but is an environmentally safe method , ideal for properties that are connected to cesspits where the micro organisms that break down waste need protection.


Flow Rate  (L/min) 30
Port size 1”BSP female ports , adaptors to reduce to ¾ BSP Female and to connect 22mm pipework
System dimensions Height 460mm   Width 500mm   Depth 210mm
Construction Main body   virgin polypropylene                Bracket and screws– Steel
Vessel standards approval Meets BS6920, WRAS standards and FDA compliant






Ultrafilter cartridge    4.5×10 Carbon Cartridge 4.5×10
Measurement reference 9 ¾” big socket 9 ¾” big socket
dimensions Ø 114 mm x 247mm length Ø 114 mm x 247mm length
colour Transparent casing Black
Material  PVDF Bonded powder activated coconut carbon
indicative weight(g)  875 670
working pressure (MPa/m2 ) 0.1 ~ 0.4 0.1 ~ 0.4
initial flow  rate(L/h)  1200 470
allowable temperature  (°C) 4 ~ 40 Up to 82
Micron (µm) 0. 1 5
Targeted Removal Viruses, bacteria, lumps, solid particles and turbidity  greater than 0.1 micron (µm) Bad odours and taste , VOC’s, hydrocarbons , organic impurities and particulate reduction.
Life Span Up to 2 Years  1- 2 years depending on usage and particulate content in raw water



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