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With so many water problems, trying to find the correct solution to fit your needs can be daunting. 
We will work with you and advise and supply the exact solution for your needs.

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For Your Family

Our water softeners, whole house filters, shower filters and drinking water filters produce non-scaling, mineral enriched, antioxidant, alkaline water for health and well-being.
Our products are the only proven alternative to salt-based products.

For Your Health

Our immune systems are constantly being bombarded by harmful contaminants in our food, air and water.
These factors contribute to the build-up of free radicals that attack our bodies on a cellular level causing illness, cancer and premature ageing.
Aquatiere’s H+ enhanced systems produce hydrogenated, antioxidant-enriched water which targets and neutralizes these free radicals.
Hydrogenated water gives your body what it needs by simultaneously stimulating your immune system and boosting your metabolism.
Families who suffer from eczema and other skin disorders can take a shower or bath without discomfort. Our products prevent flare ups and produce chlorine free water which is kind to skin and hair.

For Your Lifestyle

Our drinking water filters produce Alkaline antioxidant enriched water designed to improve energy levels and promote better health.
We have water filtration solutions for outdoor leisure activities such as Sport, Marine, Camping, Hot Tubs, Gardening and Car care.

For Your Business

Water softeners and drinking water filters that are both cost effective and maintenance-free make the Aquatiere range the ideal choice.
We can plan systems for small to medium business and hospitality applications.
Scale inhibitors, saltless water softeners, drinking water systems, filter housings and cartridges and much more.

Why should you choose Aquatiere?

Aquatiere pioneered the use of Ceramet in the is a UK for water filtration and have produced unique solutions with our special blends on many fields of water filtration .

We  are a UK based leading manufacturer of premium quality home water filters and commercial water treatment units. As a leading specialist in this field, we created our own patented filtration media to produce safe, sparkling water for drinking, cooking and bathing. This patented brand, engineered over 22 years of research and continuous improvement, consists of a blend of granular ceramics with traditional water treatment medias.

Our filters both ionize, alkalise and hydrogenate your water. Hydrogenated water is proven to produce anti-oxidant enriched water that not only super hydrates your body but supports overall immune system support.

Our Trusted Brands

We pride ourselves in our brand and ensure that any components imported from our trusted suppliers are carefully inspected and assembled to suit our unique configurations.

Our unique product range that uses our blend of ceramics for water storage and drinking water applications.

Supreme water filtration and scale control for the whole home.

Ultimate water filtration, healthy water for the whole home.

No scale

Our original salt free scale control system, compact and low maintenance. ideal for landlord property portfolios.



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Why Should we all be drinking Hydrogen Water?

  • Improves energy levels.
  • Faster recovery times after workouts.
  • Boost your bodies natural resistance to illness.
  • Promotes healthier skin and younger move vibrant appearance.
  • Great for those who suffer from Eczema Psoriasis

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