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Whole House Water Filters & Filtration Systems

Discover our selection of whole house water filtration solutions, that deliver clean, delicious, and safe water to your entire household!

Aquatiere’s Pureau and Ecopure solutions help to protect the health of you and your family by controlling bacteria, and removing chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and organic contaminants.

Our Ecopure range is dedicated to contaminant removal for purified water, but if you also have hard water, our Pureau  system is the way to go.
Not only does it  purify, but it stops scale formation in your plumbing, softening
water the environmentally friendly way. Hydrogenation is available for each system giving better antioxidant pH and mineral balanced water. In addition, we offer a selection of  UV solutions listed  in our cartridges, tools and accessories  department  to enable these filters to work on  private water supplies to  your household  from  boreholes and well water sources.

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