Shower and Bath Filters

Our unique shower filters use ceramet ceramics to create a healthier showering environment. They remove up to 99% of chlorine and dangerous vapours from your shower water. They also reduce water soluble lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and copper. Ceramet kills bacteria such as E Coli and Staphloccocus Aureas which causes ezcema flare ups and reduces dryness and irritation caused by chemicals in the water.

Our shower filters will fit most showers including electric, bath mixer showers, power showers and shower hoses

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Refillable Chrome Shower Head Filter Handset (Multi-Function)

£36.75£47.25 Including Tax
£31.24£40.16 Including Tax
15% Off Retail Price

Aquatiere’s Inline Spring Shower Filter (new cartridge system)

£31.50 Including Tax £26.78 Including Tax
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Mini submersible bath filter 100 Litres

£36.70 Including Tax £31.20 Including Tax
15% Off Retail Price

Premium Chrome Inline Refillable Shower Filter

£93.45 Including Tax £79.43 Including Tax
15% Off Retail Price


Aquavort Vortex Imploder – Shower Filter

£97.65 Including Tax £83.00 Including Tax

Ceramet purification

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