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Our range of specialised filter cartridges produce treatment specific solutions to problems with the water . The range of cartridges is fully compatible with industry standard drinking water housings and can be used as a useful add on filter to your existing system for targeted treatment where you need it…

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Cartridge for Commercial High Flow Hardness Reduction Filter (4.5×20)

£162.75 Including Tax £138.34 Including Tax
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Lead removal cartridge (2.5X10″)

£57.75 Including Tax £49.09 Including Tax
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Aquatiere’s Chloramine removal filter

£125.00£195.00 Including Tax
£106.25£165.75 Including Tax
15% Off Retail Price


Iron removal cartridge (2.5X10″)

£54.60 Including Tax £46.41 Including Tax

Ceramet purification

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