Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices


Commercial Product Range

Our range of water filters produce filtered water that’s good for you and your business!

At Aquatiere, we offer the modern day equivalent to a traditional water softener. While many households and businesses suffer from scale build up they also have to deal with often sub standard water quality.  Traditional salt based water softeners only treat the hardness minerals in your water supply, they do not filter out contaminants.  In fact the resin in a traditional water softener is adversely effected by chlorine which is in our water supply.  Our Pureau systems offer the best of both worlds – great filtered water throughout the home of business with guaranteed 99% protection  of scale build up in pipework and equipment. Pureau systems can be used in food and beverage production as they do not add sodium to the water.  No sodium not only allows the units to protect against scale but also opens up new potential solutions in domestic and commercial premises.

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