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Purest water
treatment units

Compact, Efficient & Versatile

Patented Vortex technology - advanced filtration and 3 levels of scale control.

With scale inhibition for
moderately hard water.

With scale control for
very hard water.

Introducing the most compact, easy to fit water treatment and conditioning filter for the home.

With our advanced carbon cartridges the Purest Water Filter can solve the most complex of water filtration requirements from Lead to bacteria such as Ecoli.

After nearly 30 years of research, Aquatiere has developed an advanced water filtration system that can be used in any environment.  Homes, offices, schools, commercial kitchens, breweries, etc.  Our expertise in the field of advanced water treatment allows us to advise homeowners and businesses about water filtration, recycling, and reuse.

The most compact and efficient water conditioning and filtration system for the home. Provides effective Water Filtration (Table) Water enhancement (info magnesium and hydrogen) Scale control (TAC info) and is capable of removing specific contaminants such as (Table), Iron, Manganese, Nitrates, Arsenic, etc.

Extremely compact

fits under most kitchen sinks.


Standard filtration , Plus Conditioning and Supreme Saltless Softening options.

Large capacity

up to 3 bathroom home or 6 adults.


can treat specific water issues.

Saves money

no more bottled water and reduced heating bills.

Helps the environment

no need to buy bottled water


  • Domestic Hobbies – Home brewing. Aquariums. Gardening. House plants. Kombucha. Soap making. Cooking. Boating. Leisure craft and vehicles.
  • Health – Eczema. Dry skin. Dry brittle hair. Allergies. Chemical intolerance. High blood pressure. IBS. Mineral deficiency.
  • Sports – Better hydration. Faster recovery time.
  • Children and babies – Balanced pH. Good for mixing with specific formulas.
  • Pets – Chemical removal. Less acidic. Better taste and hydration. Gut health.
  • The elderly – Less bloating. Better hydration. Improves health in the less active.
  • Commercial Growers – Improves plant growth. Better water absorption.
  • Manufacturers – Improves fluidization. Easier molding release. Better blending.
  • Catering and Hospitality – Brewing. Coffee making. Restaurants. Hotels. Ice machines.

Purest Water model range

There are 3 models in the range each with a unique filtration purpose, so if it is just Standard contaminant filtration, or filtration with scale control (chemical-free Plus Conditioning or,  ultimate salt-free scale protection from our Supreme), we have a system for you. On top of that, we have some versatile fitting kits to choose from depending on the model to overcome some common fitment issues.

Removes the most important contaminants from your water with our advanced carbon water filtration combined with active ceramic and vortex technology.

Designed primarily to produce the very best quality water for you and your family. Our entry-level Purest water filter provides peace of mind whilst drinking, bathing, or cooking.  Its powerful water treatment process kills bacteria and removes cysts and microplastic particles. Our water filter also removes unwanted chemicals such as Chlorine and Chloramines, Fluoride, and Prescription meds.

PFAS or Forever chemicals are now common in drinking water supplies and can cause health issues over time. Our Purest Water Filter is designed to remove these.

The main filter contains our unique blend of granular ceramics CERAMET.  These ceramics release beneficial minerals into the water such as magnesium and selenium.  They also produce slightly alkaline water.  They kill bacteria by absorption into their ionic surface which produces a minute electric current increasing its disinfection abilities and as a by-product emits beneficial Far Infrared Rays.

The other 2 variants are capable of water conditioning – reducing the ability of mineral hard-scale formation.
If you live in a hard water area we suggest you choose the Plus Conditioning or Supreme Saltless Softener model.

Our Purest Advanced whole house water filter and TAC water softener not only provides all the benefits from the Standard with exceptional filtration throughout the home but also prevents scale build-up in pipework and equipment.  TAC or Template Assisted Crystallization, encourages the calcium and magnesium minerals in the hard water to form in tiny crystals on a bed of special ion exchange resin, this resin is in constant motion and as the crystals form and grow they break off and flow through the water system unable to form layers of hard scale. This technology does not always provide visual scale protection, it depends on the composition of your water. If you require visual or external scale protection we suggest you choose our Supreme version.

As the name suggests our Purest Water Filter Supreme Saltless Softening whole house water filter and saltless water softener provides all the benefits from the Standard with exceptional filtration throughout the home and combines it with the ultimate salt-free protection against hard scale damage. Combining proven TAC technology with food grade Polyphosphates protects water systems and equipment because it sequesters or ‘coats’ the minerals stopping them from combining into calcium carbonate (scale).  Our polyphosphate media is perfectly safe to consume and is often an additive in bread and cake making.  It is also water quality approved for drinking water.

Filtration Performance

Our latest Advanced Carbon cartridge fitted to the Purest Water system removes a wide range of different contaminants, including steroid estrogens and many estrogenic substances like trihalomethanes.

Performance (Guide)

  • 98% Chlorine
  • 98% Chloramines
  • 85% Fluoride
  • 99% E Coli
  • 99% Herbicides
  • 99% Pesticides
  • 99% THMs ECBs TMEs
  • 99% Trihalomethanes
  • 98% Pseudomonas
  • 98% Solvents incl PCBs PAHs
  • 95% Benzene
  • 99% Sediment
  • Trace Heavy Metals
  • Aluminium Trace
  • Arsenic (trace levels often found in tap water)
  • Lead Trace
  • Bad Tastes
  • Odours

Early History To Today

Around 2500 years ago Japanese villagers used to keep their drinking water in a vase made in the style of “straw-rope spiral patterned pottery” or, in the language of Japanese archaeologists, a “Jyomon-Doki”. This was a natural practice for the Japanese villagers, but no one knew why the water in these vases made from clay from a certain area of Japan stayed fresh for much longer than vases made from ordinary clay.

Pondering why the clay pots were so effective in improving water, a gentleman called Mr Mori found a piece of a “Jyomon-Doki” vase in the Natural History Museum, working with scientists in the food health fields and using his expertise of ceramics, 25 years later, after many a trial and error at firing and glazing the clay, they found the ideal method to get significant results on water quality and the basis of ceramic water treatment was born. 

At this time our current chairman visited the manufacturer in Nagano, Japan. He was taken to a Japanese temple as part of his visit and was amazed by the sight of a large Koi lake. The water was crystal clear and he could see the brightly coloured Koi right across the lake. When he asked why the water was so clear the manufacturer replied it is filtered with Waki Misu (Spring water in Japanese), in fact, these were one form of ceramic ‘beds’ made up of small spheres. Our chairman bought back various types of ceramic spheres to the UK and from this it was found variations of the ceramic were able to target and improve certain conditions which affect our water.

What is Ceremet

What Is It?

Aquatiere’s Ceramet™ is a unique blend of differing ceramics combined to target a wider spectrum of problems for water quality improvement. Ceramet radiates with far infrared energy, meaning anything in close contact with ceramet can benefit from its effects, rather like rays from the sun. The Ceramics in ceramet have been tested and shown to reduce chlorine and sulphate in water making drinks purer and better tasting, and that plants fed with treated water grow stronger with less need for fertilisers and pesticides.

Our unique blend also controls against bacterial growth, removes trace heavy metals, mineral balances the water and moves the water pH towards the alkaline side of the scale for anti-oxidant, alkaline water.

How Ceramet
Inhibits Scale Formation

Calcite and magnesium particles form crystals by phase-change (vaporisation/temperature increase/heating).

The crystals tend to release their surface tension energy by adhering to a surface (pipes and heating equipment). Ceramet™ ceramic spheres generate an electrical field of 0.06 milliamps. This small electrical current effects water which contains calcium ions and carbonate ions (an electrolytic solution). The current which surrounds the ceramet sphere attracts the carbonate ions and causes them to store this additional polarization energy which changes the crystal structure to an open lattice (known as Aragonite which does not form hard scale).

Scale prevention by ceramic balls
Hideo Kawarada and Olivier Pironneau Hal.sorbonne-university July 1990

Effect of Dissolved Oxygen and Immersion Time on the Corrosion Behaviour of Mild Steel in Bicarbonate/Chloride Solution Sep 2016 Geoffrey Will and Jenifer McCloud

Ceramet & Its Effects
On Corrosion in Water Systems.

Ceramet™ activated ceramics:

The 2 above elements are important when it comes to corrosion. The most important is the level of DO. Dissolved Oxygen is an electron acceptor that causes corrosion in metals. When DO is reduced and pH is balanced closer to neutral, a passive oxide natural film is formed on the metal surface. This film effectively stops further corrosion occurring.

Vortex Technology


Our unique vortex technology effectively fluidizes the bed of active ceramics and other media contained within the central vessel. This process allows the water to fully travel through the filtration bed whilst through its flow activating the ionic surfaces of the granular ceramics. This technology increases the filter’s efficiency by 30%. The resulting water when leaving the vessel is energized helping to reduce scale deposits and increase pump efficiency.





What types of water systems can this product be fitted to?
The product is designed for pressurised water systems or combi boilers. Although the product can be fitted to older gravity fed water systems an additional drop in unit is recommended for the loft tank.
Where can this unit be fitted?

Ideally it is best to fit it next to the incoming mains stopcock.  Often this is found beneath the kitchen sink.  The unit can be fitted in any location providing the water flowing from it treats the entire water supply to the home and equipment.

What is the minimum water pressure requirement?

We recommend 3 BAR or more.  Most domestic mains water supplies are between 4 and 5 BAR.

How big is the largest unit?

It measures 15”H x 13”W x 12”D  and will fit in a small base unit.

Does it require a drain or power?

No drain or power is required.

Is it maintenance free?

No – the unit needs minimal maintenance.  An annual cartridge change and 3 year replacement of main cylinder.  The main cylinder can be exchanged to save plastic waste and money.

Can I replace cartridges myself?

Yes.  As long as the filter has a byepass or isolation valves fitted cartridges are easily removed using the spanner provided.

Can this product be used in a mobile home?

 Yes.  Mobile homes are often supplied with a combi boiler which is ideal for our filtration technology.

What if I have more than 3 bathrooms?

You can buy two units which can be fitted in such a way as to provide enough water for up to 6 bathrooms.  These are called duplex units.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are convinced that our filter housings are the best quality money can buy.
We offer 3-year and 10-year guarantees – if it breaks we replace it*.

*Guarantee does not cover, incorrect installation, plumbing connectors, and consumables such as O rings and cartridge predicted lifespans.

Purest Water Supreme

Average rating: 4.43 based on 7 reviews

Purest Water Supreme Water Filter

Georgie Betts

I wanted a water softener but did not want to add salt. A friend recommended this system to me, they have had one for a few months are are pleased with the results so I thought I would give it a try. Certainly good so far.

Purest Water Supreme Water Filter

Fiona Jenkins

I suffer from exzema and was recommended this product. I was sceptical at first but it has improved my bathing/showering experience as I have much less irritation from the water.

Purest Water Supreme Water Filter

Ellie Mountain

Certainly does the job! I bought this to help with hard scale deposits in the bathrooms and it works really well. I also like the taste of the water.

Purest Water Supreme Water Filter

Martin Hussey

I understand this is the new system from Aquatiere. I have bought their products over the years – shower filters. I decided to try this filter. It does improve the shower water and certainly seems to help with the annoying white deposits I was getting.

Purest Water Supreme Water Filter

Emily James

I am have had the filter fitted under my sink. It is very compact and has allowed me to still use cupboard space. Water tastes good.