Pureau 3 Replacement Media Filter Cartridge (Filter No 2) (4.5X20″) – 3 year lifespan

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  • Pureau 3 Replacement Media Filter Cartridge (Filter No 2)
  • Filled with a dual media bed of 1st stage Ion exchange resin and Ceramet
  • Simple to fit
  • Fits  standard 4.5 x 20″ water filter housings.
  • Compatible with  Pureau 3  Saltless Water Filtration Systems.

Product Features

Contains Ceramet Contains  Ceramet, Aquatiere’s patented blend of active ceramic granules, and  1st stage re-engineered Ion exchange media
The blend  of these 2 medias is 99% effective at stopping the formation of hard scale in pipework an equipment by forming tiny crystal structures around bubbles of carbon dioxide, this ties up any free ionic bonding links so preventing any scale attachment to other surfaces (first stage),  A beneficial side effect is the treated water also initiates the decay of existing scale and will  clean existing plumbing over time  .The cartridge also has the ability to kill bacteria such as E coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus Aureus (which is known to aggravate eczema), remove fluoride and trace heavy metals.  In addition the media balances the pH of the water and produces far infrared energy to vitalize your body (second stage). Please note as the filter is designed to maintain minerals  in the water for healthy dietary needs , a small amount of harmless deposits may occur where water splashes evaporate. These deposits  easily wipe away when cleaning .
 Replacement cartridge Replacement Media Filter Cartridge for Pureau 3 H+ (4.5×20)filter #2 
Simple to replace our cartridge lasts for up to 36 months.
 Anti-oxidant Alkali water Softer  water
The cartridge initiates the saltless softening process by crystallizing the hardness minerals Calcium and Magnesium  around carbon dioxide molecules . This structure ties up any ionic bonding links rendering the scale minerals harmless. The structures remain in suspension in flowing water and the majority will pass out to drain. Not only is this  environmentally friendly compared to salt based systems but it matches many of the softening properties as ionic neutralisation makes the water feel softer and  gives many  advantages  such as reduction in soap and detergeant , softer laundry, and a better bathing experience
 No plumbing required Easy installation
Our filter systems are designed for easy cartridge exchange by simple isolation of the water supply to the filter and unscrewing the filter housing sump.
 Drinking Quality Water Drinking Quality Water
Our cartridges uses high quality approved food grade medias to produce quality drinking  water.

Technical Specs

White ABS housing
Re-engineered Ion exchange resin and active ceramics
(Length) 510mm
(diameter) 115mm
Product life:
36 months
4.5 X 20 dual media filter  cartridge for Pureau 3 H+ system


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