No Scale Commercial Saltless Water Softener – 40 Litres per minute

£630.00 Including Tax £535.50 Including Tax

Designed for commercial use our Chemical free, Salt Free, Maintance free, Power free unit offers Scale prevention and removal. This unit will treat up to 40 litres per minute of water and is suitable for large coffee machines, industrial dishwashers and washing machines. This unit is also suitable for process water.

Our Water Softener is capable of providing effective scale prevention and removal. It does not require regeneration or backwashing. 50% more effective than basic vessels.

We are so confident that our unit will outperform our competitors that we offer a 3- year guarantee – Units using Polyphosphate (our nearest competitors) remove only 81% of Scale, release chemicals into the water and require regular replacement.

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The unique media creates a ceramic template which allows the calcium ions to form into non-scaling crystals (guaranteed). Comes complete with post filter.


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