Ceramet purification

Ceramet purification

Our specially formulated ceramet naturally kills bacteria and produces alkalised, oxidised and energised super water.

Aquatiere NO SCALE XF 60

RRP: £544.50

£544.50 Including Tax £462.83 Including Tax

  • Scale control reinvented
  • Scale inhibitor – Water Treatment Unit – Appliance protection
  • Minimal maintenance – Fit and forget
AQUATIERE No Scale XF units were the first to be sold in the UK and Europe over a decade ago. They have made their mark as the premium low maintenance solution to controlling potentially damaging scale build up in pipes and equipment. They are ideal for commercial kitchens, breweries, manufacturing process water and of course, homes both large and small in hard water areas. Many of our customers own rental properties, have holiday homes or just want a solution to damaging scale that is virtually maintenance free.


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Aqua Cartridges

Replacement Cartridges & Refills

Replacement cartridges and refills for home or commercial systems. We provide cartridges & refills for the Ecopure and Pureau range including shower filter cartridges, drinking water cartridges and no scale refills. If you are unsure as to which cartridge you need, please feel free to contact us.

They are available in three sizes: No SCALE XF 40, No SCALE XF 60and No SCALE XF 80

The NO Scale XF 60 is capable of treating up to 60 litres of water per minute (in domestic terms , 3 bathrooms and a cloakroom).

The NO SCALE XF  units work by forming tiny scale bubbles (from combined magnesium and calcium ions) on a bed of calcium enhanced resin which are then captured by a 10 micron post filter.  The Housings and Cartridges are both Water Quality Approved and of food grade material.

  • Guaranteed for 3 years
  • Minimal maintenance – 18 month post filter replacement
  • High flow rates – up to 60 litres per minute
  • ¾” inlet/outlet or 1” inlet/outlet connector combinations
  • Drinking water quality at every tap 
  • Magnesium remains for taste enhancement and mineral benefits
  • No drain required
  • Simple to fit
  • Easy to refill as cartridge based
  • Compliant with all boilers and pressurised hot water systems
Post Cartridge
(18 month life)
Main Cartridge
(4 year life*)
XF 40 RRP £ 21.00 RRP £ 257.25
XF 60 RRP £ 36.75RRP £ 315.00
XF 80RRP £ 36.75RRP£ 367.50 (2 cartridges)

*4 years dependant on mains water quality6


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Ceramet purification

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