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World Water Day 2023

The focus of World Water Day 2023 is on making changes to how we use, consume and manage water. Water is the essence of life and impacts us all, so it is everyone’s responsibility to get in on the action to affect change.

The Water Action Agenda

A major talking point at the World Water Day 2023 conference, taking place on the 22-24 March, is the Water Action Agenda. The Water Action Agenda calls for water saving commitments to be made both across industry and on a smaller scale in our own homes. Pledges have already been put forward by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google. The industry giants aim to be ‘water positive’ by 2030 and hopefully many more will get on board.

Why is change so important?

As the world changes; technology pushes forwards and populations grow, we are face with more and more challenges concerning our water usage and management. Not tackling the issues now would leave disastrous consequences for the not-so distant future. According to the UK Environment Agency, we could expect water shortages in the UK, as early as 2050, if we ignore the problem.

World water day

What can we do?

You might not be the head of a multimillion pound company; but you, your family, school and community can all participate to make change happen. It’s all about changing our mind-sets towards water and thinking about the way we use, consume and manage this precious commodity in our lives. Be a part of this once-in-a-generation moment!

How can we get involved?

Everyone on the planet can do their bit, without committing to a complete lifestyle change. The littlest of changes can make a difference. Check out ‘The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World’ for tips on how to adopt some easy water saving habits. Here are a few easy wins:

  • Turn off tech. Did you know sleep mode wastes energy and 90% of power generation requires water? Turns out making electricity uses up a lot of water!
  • Sustainable shopping. It takes 10,000 litres of water to make a single pair of jeans, that’s equal to drinking water consumption for one person for 10 years.
  • Limit your shower time. Shortening your shower to just 5 minutes is a simple way to reduce the amount of water you use. So by doing your bit, you cut down the amount of water processed for treatment.
  • Steam your veg and save water. If you do boil your veggies, save the water for soup stock. Steamed veg also retains more nutrients than boiled veg.
  • Full loads only. Switching your washing machine on only when it’s completely full can save 50 to 70 litres of water per wash, depending on how energy efficient the appliance is.

At Aquatiere, we think water conservation is the only way to ensure continued supply of water into the next century. Spreading awareness is one way we can all help to change our water usage habits and take positive #WaterActions. With World Water Day coming up, we’d like to hear your #WaterActions. Check out our Facebook page and Instagram to share your #WaterActions and spread awareness of the water scarcity situation.