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Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices


World Earth Day 2023

“Invest in our planet” is the theme for this year’s World Earth Day 2023, which takes place every April 22nd. The purpose of this year’s theme is to engage governments, institutions, businesses, and the 1 billion plus participants who contribute to Earth Day annually. The aim is to raise awareness that everyone is accountable for the actions they take and subsequently, how they affect the planet.

What is Earth Day?

The very first Earth Day was held in 1970, with a mission to educate and activate awareness of environmental issues. Earth Day has since morphed into, a non-profit organisation that has broadened its reach and diversified the type of eco-challenges it takes on. These challenges include; general health and wellbeing in communities, the need for green jobs, green investment, and most relevant for Aquatiere, the issue of water pollution.

Earth Day is for everyone, it not only calls for action from businesses and other institutions but also the individual too. has partnered with many organisations to help bring about opportunities to engage in eco-activism and to allow everyone to voice their opinions.

How can I get involved?

Change can only be realised through action. Whether you can play a small part to make changes that will affect the world around you, or you can mobilise and encourage others. It all makes a difference. There are many events happening worldwide to celebrate Earth Day 2023, take a look at this map to find a local event near you and join in. From litter picks to online information events, there is a way for everyone to contribute.

Ideas to inspire you this year

Protect our Pollinators

Make your garden into a haven for bees and other pollinators. Choose pollinator-friendly plants and flowers to encourage these clever creatures to keep our ecosystems thriving. Fewer pollinating insects means crops decline and that’s bad news for us. You can plant native trees, shrubs and wildflowers to support pollinating insects. Also, avoid using pesticides and other chemicals, as you will reduce the amount of contaminants entering the food chain. Using a garden hose filter is a top idea, ensuring that your garden, veggies and helpful pollinators are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Make an Earth Day Resolution

Try setting yourself an Earth Day resolution this year. No need to overwhelm yourself with an epic environmental challenge. The smallest of changes can make a difference if we all pitch in. Here are a few resolutions you could make:

  • If you are a bit of a shopaholic, try switching to vintage, and avoid buying into fast-fashion.
  • Compost your food waste rather than throw it in the bin.
  • Cycle, walk or use public transport more often to reduce your carbon footprint. Committing to cutting out at least one unnecessary car journey a week is a great start.

Prevent Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution seems to be a big issue in the UK and this is reflective of the many litter picking events and recycling schemes being set up for Earth Day on 22nd April. You can do your bit everyday by avoiding single use plastic bottles and switching to a reusable alternative. Fill your reusable bottle up with filtered water and you won’t miss making the change.

At Aquatiere we are concerned about plastic pollution but at the same time understand public fears about water quality. Using water filters and reusable bottles is a great way to enjoy pure and safe water without harming the environment. Contact us for more information and to chat to our experts. We hope you will find a way to do your bit this World Earth Day. Whether your contribution is big or small it all helps!