Why is Water Good for Kids?

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Water is very important for kids’ overall health and well-being, as well as being part of a well-balanced diet. Staying hydrated can help your kids stay alert and focused and improve cognitive functioning. It can also help keep their bodies at safe and healthy temperatures and help their immune systems. Kids at school should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day. Therefore, this should be made accessible and a fun activity during the day.


Water in The Diet

Your kids should be eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables regularly. These have high water content and help contribute to your child’s daily water requirements. Choosing water over soda or fruit juice will help them feel more energised and alert.


Improving Grades

It has been scientifically proven in a BBC study that students who take water into the examination hall can improve their grades during exams! Researchers found that students with water scored 5% higher than those without! Therefore, staying hydrated during exams and tests at school is vital to getting higher grades. It also helps their brains work! It helps with memory, mood, attention, decision making and alertness. Heat exposure and dehydration can affect cognitive performance and decision making. It can also improve our ability and alertness to execute tasks.


Mental Health

Consuming water can also have a physiological effect on thinking functions. This can lead to improved mental health and improved exam performance. Water can also ease anxiety for young people helping their brains and self-esteem. This is important during examinations. If you do not drink water for a long period of time, the brain cells lose efficiency. You can then have trouble concentrating and completing tasks!


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Improving Immunity

Water is very important for the functioning and strength of the body’s immune system! Without water, our bodies would stop working properly. Water is also in lymph, a fluid that is part of our immune system. This helps us to fight off illnesses and have strong immunity!


Healthy Bodies

Water also aids digestion, helps regulate weight and prevents cavities. It can also prevent constipation and is vital for blood circulation! It allows nutrients and oxygen to be transported into cells, helping joints and protecting organs and tissues.


Drinking Water


Helps Kids Suffering From Asthma And Allergies

Your children need water to help their cells grow. Children develop asthma and allergies during physical development due to a lack of water for their body systems to function. Research shows that asthma can be caused by chronic dehydration.


Helps Clear Skin

When your kids grow older and start becoming teenagers, they will be concerned about their skin. Having healthy and acne-free skin is very important for teens and their self-confidence. By drinking plenty of water, giving up sodas and eating lots of fruit and vegetables; this can prevent acne and bad skin. Drinking water every day helps improve skin by eliminating toxins from the body, flushing out their system. It also hydrates their skin, making it smoother and decreasing the effects of ageing.


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During Hot Weather

Water helps to control body temperature and defends against heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion, heatstroke and dehydration. Children can become dehydrated at any time of the year but are more at risk during hot summer months. Therefore, it is vital that you take water bottles with you on hot days. Make sure your kids have access to water during hot weather.


Prevents Dehydration

Water helps kids stay hydrated during the day and prevents the risk of dehydration; this occurs when the body doesn’t have enough water to function properly. Mild dehydration will slow down your child’s metabolism, cause fatigue and make your child feel grumpy or have headaches. Make sure your kids go to school with plenty of water. This is important if they are doing sports or physical activities, or if it’s during hot weather.


Daily Water Intake

Children 5-8 years old: 5 (8oz/ea.) glasses of water each day or 40 ounces

9-12 years old: 7 (8oz/ea.) glasses of water daily or at least 56 ounces

13+ years old: 8-10 (8oz/ea.) glasses of water or at least 80 ounces


There are a lot of health, physical and mental benefits for kids from keeping hydrated and having water every day. Children have higher water requirements. They should drink lots of water throughout the day. This is important during hot weather to help their minds and bodies function better.

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