Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

Tap Water

Why Do I Need A Water Filter?

Should I Filter my Tap Water?

Filtered tap water is better and healthier than standard tap water and bottled water. There are many benefits of  water filtration and water filters. Filtered and purified water tastes better and is safer to drink. There are different filtration technologies show different results and changes. Filtering your water helps remove bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals. A water filter helps supply your household with healthy fresh drinking water, it’s a better and cheaper way to get fresh water. 


Defence against Toxins

Chemicals in tap water can be unhealthy to drink, filled with bacteria, germs and viruses. Many toxins can be in your water supply and can cause illness, discomfort and sickness. Water districts sometimes add chloramines, Chlorine and Ammonia to our water. Carbon block gravity filters remove pathogens, bacteria, contaminants and harmful chemicals from herbicides and pesticides. Tap water can contain physical, chemical, biological and radiological contaminants. They also reduce nitrates, nitrites and minerals such as Lead and Mercury. Tap water can have chemicals in and products from sewage treatment plants, these microbial contaminants such as viruses and bacteria can cause health problems.


Health Benefits of filtered water

By removing unwanted contaminants such as Lead and Chlorine, you can make your water healthier and safer. There are more minerals contained in tap water than in bottled water. The purer your water, the healthier it will be, this is very important for those with families and young children who want to protect their health. Filtered water helps with skin hydration, weight loss, nutrient absorption and digestion, helping boost the immune system and mental health function.


Glass Water

Improved Taste

Water utility companies use processes to remove harmful bacteria, organisms and waste from your water. However, residue from chemicals such as Chlorine can affect the taste of the water and impact your health, skin and hair. Water filters are a quick and easy way to remove residual chemicals and leave your water fresh, clean, pure and better tasting.


Removes Dangerous Chemicals

Water filters can help remove dangerous lead, which can be toxic when ingested. This can be removed through reverse osmosis water filters, distillation and carbon filters. Contaminants can cause gastrointestinal diseases, especially in untreated water. Therefore, filtered water helps prevent diseases caused by chemicals and parasites.


Filtered Water Reduces Plumbing Repairs

Filtered water helps reduce plumbing repairs and bills because contaminants in unfiltered water can damage your plumbing system. Pipes and other home appliances can be damaged and become rusty due to water problems. Filtered water also prevents lead poisoning that can be caused by corroding systems, pipes and faucets. Lead deposits can cause kidney issues, high blood pressure and delays in development and brain damage in children.


Reduces Soap Scum

Filters also help you save on buying soap, as you will use less soap to clean your body, dishes and clothes. Hard water contains minerals that prevent the ionic action of soap, reducing its cleaning power. Filters help reduce the effects of limescale and damage from hard water. It also helps remove soap scum and deposits on clothes. This also prevents rashes and allergies caused by these. Unclean water causes soap scum build-up on appliances, dishes and clothes.



Using tap water from water filters is much cheaper than buying bottled water, you can save yourself lots of money by investing in a water filter and drinking higher quality water. There are many different filtering methods, such as carbon-activated, ceramic, mechanical, ion exchange, ozone and reverse osmosis. Carbon filters help reduce the taste and smell of Chlorine in your tap water and other chemicals such as Chlorine, Lead and Mercury.


Easy to Maintain

There are many different water filter products, modern water filters are very efficient and can be easy to maintain. They are low maintenance, convenient, easy to use, durable, portable and easy to change for quick filtration.




Helps your Appliances

Hard water can cause scale build-up, especially in hot water heaters and home equipment, reducing their effective timeline.


Minimises Skin Conditions

Chemicals such as heavy metals, Fluoride and Chlorine in water aggravates skin conditions, causing psoriasis and eczema, especially in children. Filtered water removes these chemicals that cause skin itching, dryness and conditions. This allows your skin and hair to be softer and alleviates problems caused by chlorinated shower water, such as red eyes, itchy and rashes on the skin.


Environmental Benefits

Bottled water is catastrophic for the environment, and a big source of pollution, taking years to degrade and being a waste of plastic and water. By filtering tap water, you can help the environment, be more sustainable and reduce waste. Every year, the equivalent of 17 million barrels of oil is used to produce plastic water bottles in the UK. Bottled water products more than 2.5 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide each year. These wash up on beaches and shores, damaging soil, rivers, lakes, oceans and marine wildlife and animals.


Plastic Waste


Removes Chlorine

Your tap water may have a bad taste and smell, the odour is due to Chlorine. Whole-house filters can provide dechlorinated water for cooking, bathing and watering the garden.



You can choose a water filter that suits your needs for installation, contaminant removal, volume filtered and cost. Filtering your tap water helps reduce costs, has many health benefits removing contaminants and chemicals, and is also environmentally-friendly. You can view our water filter and softener systems online here. You can also see check out our Facebook Page for more updates, sales and information.