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What is Calcium Sulfite?

If you’ve ever thought of getting a shower filter, you may have come across the compound calcium sulfite. Is it good? Is it something to avoid? We’ll explain it all and how it works in your shower filter.

Calcium sulfite has the ability to remove Chlorine and Chloramines from your shower water. Sulfites react with chlorine in the tap water to achieve de-chlorination. Chlorine found in your shower water decreases the skin’s ability to hold on to moisture. Therefore, showering in standard tap water can cause problems of dry skin, itchiness, and irritation. Furthermore, chlorine becomes gaseous when heated at shower temperatures, meaning that you’re very likely inhaling this unpleasant chemical.

What are the Side Effects of Chlorinated Water?

  • Chlorine in the water supply may add to increasing levels of allergies in western countries.
  • Drinking chlorinated water can affect the gut-microbiome, killing bacteria without differentiating between good and bad strains.
  • Chlorinated water can accelerate aging, stripping skin of its natural oils and elasticity.
  • Recent studies reveal that chlorine in tap water can cause allergic symptoms; including skin rashes, intestinal issues and arthritis.
  • Regular exposure to chlorine can cause dandruff due to its drying effects, as well as damaged weak hair and hair colour fading.

Shower filter

With chronic exposure to chlorine, the health risks are far greater. They can include respiratory and heart conditions and the development of asthma in healthy individuals. Working long term at an over-chlorinated swimming pool, at a Laundromat, or in any industry using chlorine gas would result in chronic exposure to this chemical.

How can Calcium Sulfite help?

To eliminate risk, the best idea is to remove chlorine from your shower water altogether. This is where calcium sulphite comes into action. Calcium sulfite in water filters is 99% effective in removing chlorine from the water supply. Make sure that the water filter you choose has this element as there is no better way to virtually eliminate chlorine than with calcium in water filters.

Where can I get a Water Filter containing Calcium Sulfite?

Luckily, Aquatiere’s range of shower filters contains calcium sulfite to keep your shower water 99% chlorine free. The Ecopure filter systems also work in this way. Take a look at our products and feel free to contact us to find out which filter solution works best for you and your skin needs.