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Water Filtration: An Untapped Opportunity for Plumbers

Plumbers, get in on the action as demand grows for water filter installation

In a post-pandemic world, more and more people are becoming concerned about the safety of the water they are drinking. We have developed an awareness of the bacteria around us like never before and this is evident in the purchases we are making. Good news for plumbers, as there is very real potential for water filter installation to be a profitable addition to your services.

What are the benefits to your business?

Statistics from the US show the water filtration market grew by 6% at the start of the pandemic. Therefore by offering water filter installation as a service to your UK clientele, you’ll be getting ahead of the trends as they cross over the pond. Over the last decade the market for water treatment products has grown considerably, with a rise of over 72%. This can be attributed to growing concern over water quality.

Health issues that are connected to contaminants in our environment are now at the front of the consumer mind. So what better way to show your awareness of these relevant issues than to bring your services up to date with solutions to consumer concerns?

Plumbers are the fount of all knowledge when it comes to water quality in the local area and its impact on plumbing systems. This is especially important for professionals working in hard water areas such as London. Therefore, being clued up on water filtration systems and offering them as a service demonstrates good problem solving skills.

Why should you advise your clients to get a water filter?

There are many benefits of water filtration and water filters. Filtered and purified water tastes better and is safer to drink. Filtering water decreases harmful levels of bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals. Water filters can help remove dangerous lead, which can be toxic when ingested. This can be removed through reverse osmosis water filters, distillation and carbon filters.

Bottled water is not an ideal alternative to tap water. Buying bottled water is catastrophic for the environment, taking years to degrade and being a waste of plastic and water. By filtering tap water, you and your customers can help the environment, live more sustainably and reduce waste. Showing this level of eco-conscious awareness to your clients is definitely a positive move for your business and the environment.

Aquatiere’s range of water filters and softeners

Interested in offering filtration and softeners as part of your service? You can view our water filter and softener systems online for some inspiration. We have point of use water filters and softeners for customers on a budget who want filtered and softer water, from one source in their homes. Or for customers wanting clean and safe water for the entire household, take a look at our whole house water filter range. We can help you find the best solutions for your customer’s needs.

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