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Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

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Water and Weight Loss

Is there a link between water and weight loss? We’ll explore the science behind how water can indeed help you to reach a healthy weight goal.

Weight Loss: The Basics

Maintaining a healthy weight is down to many factors. The food you eat, alcohol consumption, general activity level and health status can all effect bodyweight. If weight loss is your goal, a gradual lifestyle change is the best way to ensure your efforts are long-term and manageable.

Scientifically speaking, to lose weight you need to create a ‘calorie’ or ‘energy deficit’. Essentially this means you need to burn more energy that you consume via food and drink. Take a look at the food you eat. If it ‘energy dense’ or calorific and nutritionally poor, swap it for a less calorific but micronutrient rich option. For example; swap out chocolate spread on white toast for nut butter on wholemeal toast. Nuts contain useful vitamins and minerals whilst the fibre in wholemeal bread can help keep you fuller for longer.

What’s Water got to do with Weight Loss?

Water can help with weight loss in a variety of ways and there’s evidence to back it up. It can act to suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and make it easier for you to exercise for longer and with more oomph. Over time, these factors could all lead to weight loss results.

Suppress Appetite

A study in 2016, found that participants who drank two glasses of water before a meal ate 22% less than their non-hydrated counterparts. There are two reasons why this may be the case. Firstly, drinking water can promote feelings of satiation. Water passes through to the stomach quickly. Once there, it stretches the stomach. Messages are then sent to your brain to signal fullness. Secondly, thirst is often mistaken for hunger pangs. Dehydration can trigger your brain to think you are in need of food rather than water. If your hunger vanishes after a glass of water then chances are you were mildly dehydrated.

Boost Metabolism

Drinking chilled water can kick-start thermogenesis, or your body’s internal heating system. The body uses energy to warm the cool liquid to body temperature. As a result of this process your metabolism quickens as more and more energy is required. Energy is converted from the food you eat leaving less excess energy to be stored as fat.

Work Out Fuel

Staying hydrated during your workout will help beat fatigue. Furthermore, being adequately hydrated means that the intensity of your workout won’t suffer. Dehydration can also lead to loss in muscle mass and weakness. Your gym workouts might be doing more harm than good if you are exercising in a state of dehydration. With a bottle of filtered water at your side, you can give each workout your all. Invest in a point of use water filter or whole house water filter system for your home.

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Weight Gain from Contaminated Water

We should all analyse the contents of our own diets and ensure we are eating healthy portions. However, there are other external factors out there that may affect our ability to lose weight. Endocrine disruptors are compounds that interfere with how our endocrine hormones normally work in the body. Common endocrine disruptors such as insecticides and herbicides can find their way into our water supplies. It is thought that endocrine disruptors can negatively impact metabolism, energy and appetite, making weight loss trickier than it should be.

Drinking pure, filtered water will give you the best possible chance of avoiding unnecessary contact with endocrine disruptors and other contaminants. Filtered water can be a great help towards your weight loss, and indeed overall health goals!

If you want to know more about installing a water filter system in your home for the health of you and your family, chat to one of our experts today.