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Time to Give up the Bottle

10 reasons why Britain needs to give up the bottle, and why Mother Nature will thank you for it.

  • Typically bottled water retails at up to 500 times more than the price of tap water.
  • Tap water requires less transport costs- Petrol used to transport the water is kept at an environmentally friendly zero. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all travel through underground pipes!
  • The UK bottled water industry is worth £2bn per year – an observant water bottle customer recently quoted in saying, ‘selling water to Britons is like the Saudis selling sand to the Arabs.’
  • Ten years ago, it was estimated that 13bn plastic bottles of water were sold in the UK of which only a sad 3bn were recycled. Although the numbers have increased, the ratio hasn’t changed.
  • 162g of oil and 7L of water are required to manufacture a single 1L volume disposable PET bottle and this amounts to the release of 100g of carbon dioxide (CO2), a major greenhouse gas.
  • Some research has claimed that drinking ‘a bottle’ of water has the same impact on the environment as driving a car for one kilometre – roughly 35g of CO2 emissions per ‘bottle’ of water.
  • 50% of bottled water contains added minerals and salts. Sometimes more isn’t merrier!
  • The majority of used water bottles in the UK are disposed of in landfills, which is not sustainable. This means that plastic bottles often make their way into hedgerows, streams, canals and rivers –  which ultimately land in the sea and around a 160year old turtle’s neck. Something to think about when you reach for the bottle.
  • The Eastern Garbage Patch is an area 6 times the size of England, where plastic outweighs plankton by 6:1. A scary figure, basically changing the entire ecosystem of the ocean- which has managed quite well for millions of years without human intervention.
  • The United Nations has said that if it had one-sixth of the total amount spent on bottled water (roughly $10billion), it could half the number

The World Health Organisation estimated the number of people without access to clean water to be at nearly 900 million, or almost one in six people.

Professor Paul Younger, Rankine Chair of Engineering at Glasgow University, has highlighted growing fears that our increasing consumption of bottled water is damaging the environment, “The bottled water industry is very largely a scam, and a very expensive one at that, in terms of both money and the extravagant carbon footprint.”

Prof Younger, who tackles these and other issues in his book, “Water: All That Matters”, pointed out some water products also arrive in Britain from overseas, “often from places no more salubrious than our upland reservoirs – and often crossing oceans from countries with far poorer water resources”.

Now if these hard cold facts don’t help you give up the bottle, then nothing will and you will just keep contributing to every environmental problem out there. Alternatively, you can save a lot of money and do good every day. It’s called the Aquatiere Whole-house water system. At a fraction of what your bottled water stash may end up costing you, you can get pure, healthy water from every tap in your house. Not only will you ingest more health, your shower and bath will also enable your body to absorb less toxins. It is undoubtedly the easiest, most sensible and affordable way to go. For you and your environment. Why wait, visit today and start experiencing the truly good life.


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