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The Importance of Staying Hydrated to Boost Your Immunity

Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated

At home we high five, we kiss and we hug. Everywhere else, we press shared buttons. We hold public handrails. We accept packages held by delivery people. We’re only human and we lead active social lives. And while we can’t avoid exposure to daily germs, we can arm our bodies and immune systems with clean, nutrient-rich water to prepare us for a battle with multiple health threats.


Not only is water essential for the smooth functioning of our cells and organs, but it happens to be the ultimate natural immunity booster. 

Here are a few reasons to boost your immune system by staying hydrated:

1. Clean water is essential for healthy bodily function

Constituting more than half the human body, water is essential to our very survival. So many of our body’s functions are reliant on water such as assisting to carry oxygen to blood cells, tissue, and organs. Research shows that regular water intake can improve your mental and physical performance. Dehydration on the other hand can weaken your immune system.

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Top Water Intake Tip

Boost your water intake with fruits like watermelon, peaches, cucumber, lettuce, celery, and tomatoes.

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2. Natural Detox

Water is the most effective tool to help our bodies flush out toxins through our kidneys and aid digestion. In this way, toxins don’t stand a chance when it comes to building up and our immune systems are smiling. Free Radicals ( protein-damaging acids in the blood) are said to be flushed out too.

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Top Hydration Tip

Monitor the colour of your urine for a good indication of whether you’re hydrated enough. A light yellow colour means you’re on the right track to drinking a fair amount of water. Dark yellow means its time to top up more frequently. Try carrying our H2GO Universal Hydrogenating Drinking Water Flask to ensure you mobile tasty water on hand throughout the day. 

3. Increases Lymph Fluid Production

Acting as the body’s garbage disposal, lymph fluid forms a vital part in the immune system’s artillery and filters bacteria and waste in the lymph nodes; where the lymphocytes soldiers await to destroy them. Without the steady push of water, the functioning of the lymphatic system organs and therefore the immune system would be severely impaired, placing the body at higher risk for many health conditions. 

4. Hydrogen Rich Water ensures cleanliness and overall wellbeing

Not all tap water is created equal and more often than not, is loaded with chemicals to curb bacteria. British water especially contains heavy metals, fluoride, and hormones. Give your body the best chance at health with our hydrogen products and experience improved energy levels, faster recovery times after active sessions, and healthier skin. 

Try our Pureau Whole House Saltless Water Softener and Drinking Water filter offering the added benefit for the environment and hydrogenating filtered water. 

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Top Immune-Boosting Tip

Squeeze lemon into clean, hydrogen-rich water for a vitamin C and immune boost and an antioxidant top-up. It will help prevent diseases and best arm your body fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi which cause colds, flu, and infection. 

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5. Germ Defence

By maintaining moisture on the mucous membranes, regular water intake can help prevent bacteria and viruses from entering through our eyes, nose, and throat providing a protective barrier. Get germs off your skin and surrounding surfaces by washing your hands, washing the dishes and surface areas, and flushing out nasal discharge. 

Take a look at a few more tips we have on how to wash your hands properly and whether hand sanitizer really works.

Please Note:

Water is not a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. It cannot solely sustain a healthy immune system. Please consult your healthcare practitioner for the most effective ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle alongside getting a sufficient intake of water.