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Sewage pollution

Sewage Pollution: How it affects your Water

Human sewage pollution is unfortunately one of the most common water contamination issues we are faced with in the UK.

What is the state of our rivers?

Over the past two years, water companies in the UK have released sewage into UK rivers and dams over 770,000 times. According to the Rivers Trust, an underwhelming 14% of rivers in England have a clean bill of ecological health. Shockingly,  each one of these waterways have failed to meet chemical standards.

Heavy rainfall in the UK in September 2022 led to the release of untreated sewage into the ocean. Understandably, this caused outrage from the public and calls for water companies to take responsibility.

The UK’s sewerage system is substandard and has not been updated to adequately protect natural water systems. It regularly faces issues with sewage management, including overflows and the release of sewage pollution into rivers and coastal waters.

How does this impact health?

As you can imagine, the impact of this on people’s health has been devastating. One environmental organisation stated that throughout 2022, they received 720 illness reports from people who swam in the surrounding seas. The effects of swimming in water spoiled by sewage pollution are numerous. If you come into contact with polluted water you could risk;

  • stomach upsets
  • eye infections
  • breathing difficulties
  • hepatitis
  • E.coli.

What is being done about it?

Environmental charities and UK citizens have begun to hold these water companies accountable for these sewage problems. Consequently there has been an increasing demand for the government in particular, to take action.

Even parties outside of the UK have begun to take notice of the severity of sewage issues within the country. Towards the end of 2022, three French MEPs accused the UK of endangering human health, marine life, and fishing by discharging untreated sewage into the Channel and the North Sea.

Since then, the UK government and water companies have been trying to work towards upgrading and improving treatment processes. As a step forward, the British government implemented a Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan 2022 to initiate a solution for Britain’s long-standing sewage pollution issues.

Water pollution

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