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Water Filters & Softeners at Manufacturer Prices

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Save up to 40% on your Energy Bills!

Save up to 40% on your energy bills!

Installing a water softener and filter in the home can save you money and keep your family safe by removing unwanted contaminants in the water. Research shows that water softeners are among the most advantageous household energy savers.

How does it work?

Our unique technology not only transforms the water to heat quicker but also keeps heat exchange surfaces clean, keeping them efficient. But how exactly does it work?

A water softener prevents limescale and mineral buildup in your home’s pipes, faucets, and home appliances. Over time, hard water minerals and limescale accumulate over the insides of pipes without using a water softener. Excess scale buildup results in heat loss, which means it’s twice as hard to get your water hot and plumbed to where it needs to be. With soft water, your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you up to 40% on energy costs. Another bonus of soft water is that it increases your appliance’s lifespan and operational efficiency. Appliances can last up to 50% longer when used with a water softener.


How can you reduce your energy bills today?

Save on your electricity bills and protect your family’s health with our selection of water softens and filters, such as the Pureau – a Whole House Saltless Water Softener & Water Filter. The Pureau is the best whole-house, saltless water Softener and water filter on the market today! It filters while it softens for scale control in the hardest water areas, has advanced water filtration, adding Magnesium and Hydrogen to boost health and is simple to fit! Shop the Pureau today while stocks last.




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