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Mocktails for Long Weekends

We’ve had a few bank holiday weekends this year, with some more to come. With the long weekends you can expect the odd hangover or two. Staying hydrated, whilst having fun is important, especially if you don’t want to wake up the next day feeling the after affects. Swapping cocktails for mocktails might be the solution…

Why hydration is important?

Water makes up over 60% of our bodies, so it is vital we keep these levels topped up. There are times when the body needs to replace lost water more often. If you have lost water through sweating excessively during exercise or in hotter climates, it’s a good idea to rehydrate soon after. With summer on its way and along with it warmer temperatures, you might begin to feel thirstier than usual. We are advised to drink around 8-10 glasses of water regularly throughout the day.

How can alcohol affect Hydration Status?

We are not saying go tee-total! By all means indulge in your favourite tipple, as long as you drink responsibly. Though be aware that alcohol can affect your hydration status. First of all, alcohol is a diuretic and therefore can make you urinate more often. Secondly, once alcohol enters the bloodstream it can travel to any part of the body, including the brain. Which is why your judgement becomes impaired when drinking alcohol. Thirdly, the brain may struggle, depending on how much alcohol you’ve consumed, to clear toxins out of your body. The result is a pretty hefty hangover.

There are ways to limit or even avoid the affects and still enjoy those long summery weekends. Why not alternate refreshing filtered water and the occasional alcoholic beverage? Or swap every other drink with a non-alcoholic version? You might even swap out the booze altogether, once you try these mocktail recipes…

6 Delicious Mocktails to try…

We’ve collected a few of the most mouth-watering mocktail recipes for you to sample. Make sure you use filtered water to ensure that no impurities alcoholic or otherwise spoil the taste of these refreshing summer drinks.

Blueberry Ginger Cooler

For a more sophisticated soft drink, try this refreshing berry concoction by ‘Cook with Manali’. It’s the perfect addition for a garden party or summer drinks. There’s a bit of preparation time needed to steep the syrup but once this is made, you are good to go.

Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler

Switch up your rosé for this delightful pink creation! Incorporating the rosy flavour of cooled hibiscus with zingy mint, this is a great idea for an afternoon ‘pick me up’. Try out this recipe at your next get together.

Orange Mint Mocktail

Citrus flavours really do evoke those summery vibes and this mocktail will have you thinking of the Med in no time. It’s a grown-up lemonade perfect for adults and kids alike.

Passion Fruit Martini

If martinis are your go to drink, why not alternate between the real thing and a refreshing palate cleanser such as this fruity number? You will keep your alcohol consumption down without compromising on flavour.

Margarita Mocktail

Another alcohol-free dupe of a classic cocktail is this zingy margarita. Using the natural sweetness from three citrus fruits and agave syrup, this is a healthy and flavour-packed alternative to your standard summer cocktail.

Make Filtered Water the Key Ingredient

Whatever your flavour preference, make sure that you don’t let chlorine and other contaminants ruin the taste of your summer mocktails. Forget fancy bar equipment, shakers and stirrers; make a water filter the most important bit of kit in your kitchen. Single point of use water filters are easy to install if you just want one for the kitchen sink. Or you could get a whole house system, to supply all your taps and appliances with filtered water. Chat to our experts to see which system suits you best.