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Hydrogenated Water, Fitness and Sports Performance

We all know that drinking enough water can make all the difference to your fitness and sports performance. Did you know that choosing the right water source can take your training up a gear?

The Basics: Why Proper Hydration is Important

Whatever your goal, whether you are training for an event or just want to beat your personal best, adequate hydration is key. Just to go over the basics, water helps to regulate your body temperature and lubricates joints during your fitness and sports sessions. As you warm up, water is lost through sweat to enable your body to keep cool. However, this puts you at risk of dehydration. With just one hour of physical activity, your body can lose more than a quarter of its total water content. If you are dehydrated pre-workout, this causes your core temperature to rise faster, leading your heart to work faster.

Drinking water during physical activity allows you to replace the fluid you lose whilst sweating. Adequate hydration also regulates blood pressure, removes toxins and supports digestion. Improved circulation and blood flow due to proper hydration can positively affect mental as well as physical performance.

However, you should consider the quality of the water you are drinking as much as you consider the nutritional content of the food you eat. Filtered Hydrogenated water has extra benefits to health and wellness that tap or even bottled mineral water cannot compete with.

What is Hydrogenated Water?

Hydrogenated water is basically water with Hydrogenated gas bubbled into the water. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Hydrogenated gas can be safely consumed in this water form. Antioxidants are an important aspect of sports nutrition. As we take in more oxygen during physical exercise, the production of cell damaging free radicals increases. Antioxidants are therefore essential in the diets of physically active people to counteract oxidative stress. Research has also shown that Hydrogenated water can increase energy, combat fatigue and improve muscle recovery post-workout. This is great news for fitness fans!

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Tips for Keeping Hydrated

1. Begin each sports or workout session in a state of ‘euhydration’ or state of optimum hydration.

2. Everyone is different, so keep track of changes to your own hydration status. Monitor your urine colour, whether you feel thirsty on waking up and the amount of sweat you produce.

3. Keep a bottle of filtered Hydrogenated water to hand for breaks during physical activity to avoid hypohydration (lower than normal hydration level).

4. Install a Hydrogenated water filter to access beneficial Hydrogenated water to fuel your workouts.

5. Replenish any water lost through sweat post-exercise. This can differ, depending on the environment temperature, your fitness level and workout intensity. Use a sweat-rate calculator to gauge how much water you should drink afterwards.

6. As a guide, the average adult female needs to drink approximately 2.7l of water daily, adult males need 3.7l. Female athletes should aim for 4l and male athletes 5.7l per day.


Find out more about the benefits of Hydrogenated water and its multiple health benefits. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about installing a Hydrogenated water filter and the products best suited to your needs.