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How Does Water Help Boost Your Immune System?

9 Immune System Benefits of Drinking Water


Water has many positive effects on your immune system, hydration and overall physical health. Does water help the immune system? Drinking water helps strengthen and boost your immune system, especially during the winter with cold and flu season, and the fears brought by Covid-19. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins and ensures your cells get oxygen to function. Water helps all these bodily systems to function at appropriate levels. Alkaline water has many health benefits, making your immune system stronger, helping the performance of your circulatory system and altering the quality of blood.


Gut Health

Having a healthy gut is very important for your immune system and water helps keep you healthy. When you drink water, your body can easily excrete waste, and this helps your kidneys remove waste from your body through urine. Water also helps the flow of blood and nutrients through the blood vessel through to your kidneys. We also need adequate nutrition to maintain a strong immune system, and water helps our digestive systems to properly digest food.


Oxygenates Blood

Water helps oxygenate blood and flush toxins out of your body. Drinking clean and healthy water helps your blood carry oxygen to the cells in your body. Therefore, this allows your body’s systems to function with the help of adequate oxygen. The immune systems work best when your organs, muscles and sales are functioning properly.



Removes Toxins

Water also helps the kidneys remove toxins from the body, flushing them out. It also helps your cells to take in nutrients and expel waste from your system. If you don’t drink enough water then these toxins can build up, and this weakens the immune system. This is very important for the kidneys, the more water we consume, the better they will work in flushing out toxins through urination. This means the immune system is not weakened by fighting pathogens elsewhere in the body.


Stomach Acid Kills Microorganisms

Our bodies use water to create stomach acid; this is called Hydrochloric Acid, a digestive juice that breaks down food. Hydrochloric acid also destroys bacteria and viruses within the stomach, protecting us from infection. Water helps your body produce hydrochloric acid and flush viruses from your upper respiratory tract into the stomach. Here, they become neutralised by stomach acid and kill pathogens, therefore, water helps flush toxins into the stomach.


Mucus Creation

Mucus is a sticky liquid that lines your sinuses and contain antibodies that help fight off infections, as well as bacteria killing enzymes. It forms a barrier against pathogens such as dust and bacteria from harming your body. When mucus gets dry, it fails to catch these pathogens. Therefore, your mucus membranes stay healthy when you drink plenty of water, as it helps lubricate them.


Absorption of Essential Nutrients

Nutrients such as Zinc and Vitamin C are dissolved and carried through the body for absorption, requiring the use of clean water. Water helps our bodies carry these essential nutrients around the body to our cells and organs. Being dehydrated makes us more susceptible to germs and illness, so proper hydration is vital to fighting off pathogens. When we get sick, doctors’ advice is always to drink plenty of clean water, and certain types of water can help boost immunity. Lemon water has plenty of Vitamin C, Folate and Potassium. Whereas mint water is a herb that has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, preventing free radical activity. This also helps in detoxing your body and helping the skin.


Helps the Brain

The brain is also boosted from water, regular hydration helps produce chemicals such as melatonin to help you sleep. Not getting enough sleep can disrupt your immune system and not allow you to get the rest your body needs.


Lymph Production

Your immune system uses lymph to circulate white blood cells and nutrients to your body’s tissues, lymph helps the functions in your body. It carries water and nutrients into your blood and to the body’s cells. This carries white blood cells (T-Cells) and immune system cells into bone marrow and throughout the whole body, removing toxins and pathogens from the blood. These attack bacteria, virus and microorganisms that could harm your health. If this fluid becomes dehydrated, it becomes sluggish and reduces your body’s ability to use T-cells to attack infections. Your body cannot function without water to produce lymph. Without this, white blood cells and other immune cells would not function or be able to travel in your body to fight disease.


Hands Water


Sweating is a major way that helps our bodies remove contaminants from circulation, flushing out toxins, waste and bacteria. This prevents pathogens from becoming a full infection.



Water helps cells function, oxygenates blood, eliminates toxins and pathogens and helps the body naturally eliminate toxins that cause illness. It also helps promote cellular heathy, kidney function and protects us from harmful bacteria and viruses. With increasing contaminants in our water, we require clean and heathy filtered water. The kidneys, liver, sweat glands and organs work harder when there are toxins within our water we are drinking, preventing your body’s strength when trying to fight off illness. Therefore, investing in a good-quality water filter helps improve the quality of our water and the strength of our immune system to prevent illness. In minimising exposure to chlorinated and unfiltered drinking water we can help build up our immune systems. Our products produce pure alkaline water that hydrates your body and supports our cells, boosting natural immunity with hydrogen water. Hydrogenated water helps stimulate the immune system and boosts the metabolism. You can view our water filter and softener systems online here. You can also see check out our Facebook Page for more updates, sales and information.