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As well as working for Aquatiere, I am also the Chairman of a Sunday League football team. As a keen sports fan I am always looking for ways of helping my team gain an edge over our rivals, and fatigue seems to be the biggest factor during matches, even with the high levels of training and a sports drink at half time during matches the players who had to do the most running during a match to cover pitch territory were still finding the physical demands of the game affecting their performance and pace in the latter stages, opening up opportunities for the opposition.

Looking at our range of products and features I was very interested in the features our Hydrogen enrichment treatment offered , particularly regarding the issue of muscle fatigue .In the article  “Pilot study: Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes” by Kosuke Aoki and Atsunori Nakao I found some interesting research which could answer my team’s problem.

The article’s background for the research was focused regarding the effects of oxidative stress from muscle contraction during short intervals of intense exercise, which can play a role in the development of overtraining symptoms, including increased fatigue, resulting in muscle micro-injury or inflammation. Recently it had been said that hydrogen can function as an antioxidant, so they investigated the effect of hydrogen-rich water on oxidative stress and muscle fatigue in response to acute exercise. Using measurable scientific tests and exercises using a rowing machine they conducted trials  of untreated water, and Hydrogen enriched water on a sports team to see what impact drinking Hydrogen enriched water had if any on a players performance.

The test results showed although acute exercise resulted in an increase in blood lactate levels in the subjects given untreated water, oral intake of Hydrogen enriched water prevented an elevation of blood lactate during heavy exercise. Peak performance of players on untreated water significantly decreased during the exercise, suggesting muscle fatigue, but peak performance of players using Hydrogen enriched water  didn’t decrease at an early phase. There was no significant change in blood oxidative injury markers (d-ROMs and BAP) or creatine kinease after exercise.

Their conclusion was adequate hydration with hydrogen-rich water pre-exercise reduced blood lactate levels and improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function. The preliminary results suggest that Hydrogen enriched water may be suitable hydration for athletes.

So I decided to offer my teams players the chance to try Hydrogen enriched water and see if they noticed a difference when playing. After several matches the players reported how they had less cramp issues towards the end of a game after drinking Hydrogen enriched water and were still able to put in some intense activity towards the end of the match. Although my own trials are not exact science, I have seen benefits for my team in getting an edge over the opposition.

By Simon Mountain

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