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Flouride in UK water supplies

It is supposed that removal of flouride from water is a tricky business.  Most filters use active alumina to remove flouride – unfortunately there is a drawback in as much as the filter bed needs to be large and the flow rate very slow.  Until now whole house filtration was considered impossible as active alumina is to slow and reverse osmosis units (which do remove flouride) are impractical.

The garden home water filter contains CERAMET which has very similar attributes to active alumina.  It has a very large surface area and contains calcium and alumina, both of which are extremely good at flouride removal.  The filter bed in the Home and Garden filter has an immense surface area and under normal flow conditions will remove 85% of flouride from the water.

People in Southampton, the first place in the UK to have flouride put into their water, are very worried about the effects this substance will have on their well being.  It is also considered that flouride can have an adverse effect on plants.

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