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Climate-anxiety and what you can do about it

It’s not all doom and gloom out there! Get the lowdown on climate-anxiety and hear some good news stories (for once) to calm your climate anxiety. We explain what it is to feel anxious about climate change and how this level of concern can do more harm than good.

Am I suffering from climate anxiety?

To a certain extent we are all affected by negative story after story surrounding climate change. 75% of adults in Britain are concerned about climate change according to a 2021 census. Our news updates and our social media feeds have become filled with the impact of climate change; droughts, heat waves, flooding. However, whilst this awareness can push us to protest to affect change and make better lifestyle choices, it’s important to maintain balance. Too much negative media bombardment can have not so helpful effect of making all your efforts to adopt eco-friendly habits seem futile.

If you think you are suffering from climate anxiety, here’s what you should watch out for. Symptoms include; overall low-mood, sense of hopelessness and a fear for the future. Climate anxiety can also lead to other disorders and unhealthy coping strategies.

What can I do about it?

As well as reducing your own impact on the environment, there are ways you can limit the effect climate change can have on your own mental health.

1. Share your thoughts

Discussing your environmental concerns with a support group will help you feel less alone in your struggles. You might gain some insight from other group members as they share tips and beneficial coping strategies. Climate Psychology Alliance runs online support groups but you could also check out groups in your local area.

2. Seek help from a professional

Of course if your anxiety is becoming an obstacle in your everyday life, you should book in to see a health professional. There may be treatment options to help you manage your anxiety in both the short-term and long-term.

3. Be kind to yourself

Obviously don’t completely give up on your eco-friendly habits. However, try to stick to manageable tasks. Your efforts are helping to contribute to change on a global level. Keep recycling, ditch bottled water for filtered, leave the car at home and walk or cycle instead. Easy wins!

4. Self-help resources

There are a lot of great resources out there to help guide you through your climate change crisis. ‘Generation Dread’ by Britt Wray is all about learning how to live with climate anxiety and how these feelings are a natural response to the state of the world. The author also writes a newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. Sarah Jaquette Ray has created a nifty “existential tool kit” for anyone dealing with the emotional challenges of climate activism.

5. Get into nature

Simply enjoying the world around you will help to lift your mood. It is easy to lose sight of what our eco-friendly efforts are going towards. Grounding (or Earthing) yourself in nature has many physiological benefits due to a transferral of electrons from the earth to your body.

It’s a good idea to remind yourself that not all news is bad news, there have been scientific breakthroughs and positive environmental news being reported on. Here are a few good news articles, to restore balance!

The Good News stories of 2023, so far…

  • After years of underinvestment, water companies have been given the green light to go ahead with upgrading sewage treatment infrastructure. Improving the way sewage is treated and managed will result in fewer pollutants entering our rivers and ecosystems in the UK.
  • Home owners using water butts and permeable driveways to prevent sewers overflowing with rainwater may be rewarded with lower water bills, Ofwat has announced. The initiative will be trialled by one water company and it is hoped others will follow.
  • European Union countries have resolved to phase-out the use of fossil fuels at the COP28 summit. The EU has now called for “a resolute and just world-wide transformation towards climate neutrality, including a phasing out of unabated coal in energy production.” To top it off, it was reported that in 2022, the US received a record-breaking 40% of its energy from carbon-free sources.
  • To end on a cute and fluffy note, after 400 years, beavers are being reintroduced to London. Dams created by these furry friends have been shown to provide habitats for other wildlife and to slow water flow. Research suggests that beavers can reduce flood flows by up to 60%.

How can Aquatiere help?

Aquatiere has a range of water filters to suit your needs, so you can be eco-aware without having to make do with poor quality tap water. Our single point of use water filters can be installed to one water source. Or opt for our whole house water filter systems that can provide your entire home with safe, pure water. We hope that this will be one thing you can easily do, so you can healthily focus on other eco challenges without the burden of climate anxiety standing in the way.